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with the League S7 world finals in China season tournament war, Brazil, is perhaps the most confusing system changes, and the global final season this year and invited the core match system changes are what?

first Xiaobian summary conclusion:

1. season invitation match LPL, LCK, EU of LMS and NA and not, as the bubble Division will match of the second round of the boss race two qualifying places into the race. The first round of the tournament to bubble eight teams from the original wild card division team, they are: Brazil, CIS, Japan, Latin America, Latin America, North South, Oceania, Southeast Asia and Turkey team. The eight teams will be divided into two groups, each of the first to enter the second round. The second round of the LMS and NA together to fight the winner into the season Invitational race. The third will be the second round two winners losers fight, will also enter the season Invitational race.

2. global finals teams will reach 24, but only to enter the tournament is only 16. The results of the tournament will affect the global finals. But this effect mainly in the eight team division of the original wild card. The eight teams in the season tournament the best team in the division of the summer season will be the first direct access to the S7 race, while the second can also participate in the qualifying match for the second to enter the race qualification. In addition to

3. LCK LPL, EU division, NA S7, to participate in the race number were reduced to two (down from three), and the division in conjunction with the LMS division third and twelve teams of eight Mycoplasma wild card teams will compete for the 4 race athletes. The specific format: Twelve teams divided into four groups, the top two qualify. After 22 games, the winner is eligible to enter the S7 tournament. The following is the official release of the

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" general division into the possibility of the original card the race is larger, relatively weak countries get a good ranking is also more opportunity, and LPL is really likely to usher in the history of the worst record -- only two teams in the top sixteen. LCK has now become a powerful imperial league tournament, three teams directly into the global finals tournament is the strength of it all. Season Invitational change to the LPL Division has little effect. But it can be predicted that this year's summer season fighting will become extremely tragic, the bubble race into the unknown is not LPL finalists tournament team faced to meet. Especially strong teams in the second round of group NA and LMS division to encounter the four team world championships to become tragic anomaly. This year's finalists and the group stage will also be all started in Wuhan, ahead of the hope that LPL can be lucky this year. Also hope that this home LPL can bear some pressure and motivation, let us see their progress.

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