Pangu jailbreak the hammer mobile phone Bootloader.

Android a hammer mobile phone apple Pangu

leifengwang· 2017-02-08 14:02:55

2014, Luo Yonghao claimed to open the hammer mobile phone Bootloader, two years later, at the age of 44 because he failed to honor their commitments and stood on the dock, he released the micro-blog apologized, saying the plan for safety reason is technical personnel rejected.

" in the world famous apple jailbreak Pangu team is "work", of a hammer! In February 6th, they released micro-blog says it has successfully cracked the hammer mobile phone Bootloader, meet a lot of fancier expectations.

a lot of friends may not know much about the Bootloader, that will produce the following questions:

• Luo meter (Qing) plan (Huai) that will be rejected?

• what is Bootloader? What does it mean to unlock? Why are

• fancier manufacturers hope to open Bootloader?

• many mobile phone manufacturers to Bootloader why not?

• Pangu team and how to solve?

today Lei Feng house off the channel on the net use the easy way to talk about the mobile phone bootLoader - Pangu crack hammer lock those things. What is

Bootloader? - start the boot, the team coach

BootLoader - boot boot, in a nutshell, is running in the operating system kernel before running a small program. Through this small program, we can establish the mapping memory initialization of the hardware device, the system hardware and software environment to a suitable state, so as to invoke the operating system kernel ready to correct environment.

is not strictly speaking, Android system Bootloader and PC BIOS somewhat similar, it can guide the Android system to start correctly.

has been compared to the Android system in the course of crazy cut Kobe, Bootloader's legendary coach Phil · Jackson Kobe, only he can mobilize emotions, arrange the offensive and defensive formation, Kobe's potential fully inspired. As long as these are ready, Kobe can ever-victorious invincible; in addition, the coach can also choose play stability, suitable for their own team style star players (from the official ROM or ROM based on the official third party firmware) play, but not to reject some and team style players (folk ROM)

BootLoader" since to perform hardware initialization, the inevitable and hardware related code, so it is not universal, the different needs of different hardware BootLoader code, the major manufacturers may have their own, may also have some general. The use of Qualcomm processor phone is usually based on a Bootloader called LK (little kernel) things to do, such as hammer phone. What is the relationship between the

Bootloader and the brush? According to the Lei Feng

network to understand, brush fancier say, generally divided into "card" and "wire brush", two ways can be mobile phone system for third party package ROM brush into the device.

is different, the card brush is the ROM packet on the phone memory card brush; line brush is connected to the computer phone, with a computer to enter the brush command. Whether the card brush or line brush, are carried out after the Bootloader, Bootloader door lock, what brush have to play.

Bootloader after the initialization of mobile phone hardware, usually with a combination of keys (such as the power button + button) into Fastboot mode, input commands to mobile phone with a computer, can be understood as the realization of a simple communication protocol. If you do not enter the

Fastboot mode, you can enter Recovery mode by another assembly, Recovery - "recovery mode", the equivalent of PC common "one key to restore wizard, Ghost system, ROM system can be used to brush the mobile phone bag.

if you do not enter the Fastboot mode is not into the Recovery, then Bootloader began to read the phone through the Boot system kernel, and then start Android image. Why not put Bootloader to


understand the importance of Bootloader, mobile phone manufacturers will know when to open Bootloader, at least in the face of these three major problems:

1. operators and mobile phone manufacturers usually damaged network operators to launch contract machine, is built in the pre installed software, pre installed software is usually unable to delete, once open Bootloader, operators and partners not to protect the interests of.

2. can be reduced to a simple manufacturer of mobile phone manufacturers own UI is actually the most distinctive brand mark, once the Bootloader unlock, users buy your mobile phone with another system, mobile phone manufacturers can be reduced to a simple manufacturer.

Luo Yonghao had words with a flirtatious ironic Meizu does not provide the unlocking function of Bootloader, is on its own UI system "is not confident". Presumably the old Luo Gang began planning to open Bootloader function, is also out of the Smartisan OS bursting with confidence.

3. mobile phone are hard to guarantee the stability and safety of mobile phone brush into the third party firmware may exist in a variety of Bug, it will affect the user experience, will cause sleep, mobile phone overheating, leakage and other phenomena, it is difficult to guarantee stability. From the aspect of data security

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