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Microsoft Wang Yong low-key President

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2" on the morning of 8 December, Microsoft (Asia) Microsoft Corp announced the appointment of Dr. Wang Yongdong, the Internet Engineering Academy as senior vice president of Microsoft global (CVP Corporate, Vice President). It is widely known as the Microsoft wheatgrass is that he led the team to develop products.

Wang Yongdong led Microsoft artificial intelligence and research division and Office products division in the Asian team, responsible for the development of Internet products and services in the Asia Pacific region Microsoft, Microsoft will be the main direction of covering (Bing) field of search engine, online advertising technology, voice technology, and Natural Language Processing Huna, wheatgrass, Office, artificial 365 intelligent and mobile internet. He led the team in Beijing, Suzhou, Tokyo, Taipei and Seattle at Baer.

according to public information, Wang Yongdong in 2009 to join Microsoft's Bing team, and in the same year in August to return to China to create Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Academy . He also serves as Microsoft Asia Pacific R & D group chief technology officer, responsible for Microsoft Asia Pacific R & D group to set up R & D strategy, vision and overall direction. Prior to joining Microsoft

, Wang Yongdong served as vice president of Engineering in Yahoo Corp, responsible for the international market search engine research and development, and cooperation with YAHOO Japan, Alibaba search. Shen Xiangyang, executive vice president of Microsoft Corp, said in a press release, "Dr.

has demonstrated the wisdom and leadership of scientists. Dr. Dong and his team in the field of artificial intelligence and other fields of research and development has made a breakthrough, not only for the Microsoft Corp, but also for the development of our customers have made contributions. We look forward to Dong and his team to achieve better results in the future. "The two sides with Wang Yongdong on the edge of

occurred in the Microsoft wheatgrass conference, once in 2015 third generation Microsoft wheatgrass, once in 2016 fourth generation Microsoft wheatgrass. Wang Yongdong is tall and thin, in front of the public is not good words, low-key abnormal, in answer to the question, the voice is very light, very slow, is a very introverted person.

I have said in the former executive vice president of Microsoft's global airborne Baidu Qi Lu served as president of the Lu Qi before his departure carried his deputy Wang Yongdong.

last year's Mid Autumn Festival the day after the fourth generation of Wheatgrass conference interview, Lu Qi to answer media questions more opportunities to Wang Yongdong and another young wheatgrass project leader Li Di, is made clear in his departure to help.

then, Microsoft here was intended to arrange tiger sniffing for Dr. Wang Yongdong an interview in November, but because of various reasons there. Compared with Wang Yongdong

, another senior vice president of Microsoft global, Microsoft Asia Pacific Research Institute president Hong Xiaowen (October 27, 2015 was promoted to senior vice president of global) visibility higher, belong to Microsoft Asia Pacific R & D group, located in the hinterland of Zhongguancun Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Academy is relatively low-key, in the distribution of power is relatively weak. Microsoft Wang Yongdong on the appointment to the two team on an equal footing.

a Microsoft insider told me that Microsoft Asia Pacific R & D group (ARD) more than 3 thousand people, now Hong Xiaowen and Wang Yongdong is currently the highest position of Microsoft Chinese, two per capita to the executive vice president of Microsoft's global Shen Xiangyang report.

can be expected to be, with the departure of Wang Yongdong Lu Qi, the fifth generation, Microsoft wheatgrass product launches this fall, Wang Yongdong will play an important role.

and the media is always the smell of meat, animal nose informed, I believe that soon there will be a lot of similar "interview with Microsoft's senior vice president Wang Yongdong … …" this article.

believes that Lu Qi has sent a message to congratulate Wang Yongdong, after all, once the upper and lower levels. After all, Baidu is not far from Zhongguancun.

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