The first fire Lu Qi: Baidu medical division overall abolition


huxiuwang· 2017-02-08 20:58:06

" today, an anonymous revelations appear tenderness posted, said Baidu medical division overall abolition.

tiger sniffing the confirmation to Baidu, the message is "we have released the news, in fact is the" no comment "another argument.

there is no further news that Baidu medical department is full of employees or departments to cut, and this should be Lu Qi as the Baidu group president and chief operating officer (COO) since the first fire. There is news that Baidu medical department year after there will be a big adjustment before

on tenderness. The person broke the news, "Baidu medical division, one of the three consecutive year the company at the end of the year the lowest coefficient of the Department, who you worked hard in the years also blow to Robin Li report is good, then the end will give you a sap, like over years later with a big adjustment? "

posts the following reply, the medical department is the worst performance of the EBG department, this year the international revenue 1 billion 600 million, education balance, security department reorganization, only medical performance is the worst, the key is really nothing, only a concept of medical brain, there is no practical use, so the coefficient less is normal.

Robin Li yesterday in an internal letter, to eliminate the market competitiveness of products, if you do not come out, don't mix there, don't propped up there. The withdrawal of the withdrawal, the clearance on the clearance, and the. Resources to Baidu has the advantage of strategically important projects to focus.

however, Baidu medical division overall abolition of the news is so strange, because the medical industry is one of the most hope Baidu changed by artificial intelligence technology in the industry, Robin Li internal letter yesterday on artificial intelligence + medical as well as the corresponding statement.

we are not a vertical industry company, we are more like a platform company, we can not be very familiar with each industry.

but we are closer to some industries, such as the medical industry. The first thing Baidu wants to do is very simple, is a O2O thing, that is, we have this user, a lot of people to find where to see a doctor, how do we help him hang to the number he wanted to hang.

but at the beginning of last year, we found that in fact like intelligent inquiry has become more and more practical. If the average level of our system of intelligent interrogation can reach a doctor's occupation, it can go through an intelligent system, at least to assist these doctors do some judgment, it is a serious illness to the hospital when, to the hospital to have more scale.

then go down one layer, for example, gene sequencing, it is a very big data. If we can combine the medical knowledge with the method of artificial intelligence, it is also a great breakthrough to find the answer. Go down, such as the development of new drugs, how to use artificial intelligence technology to find new drugs, these things are still very early.

in the last year's World Internet Conference, Robin Li also issued a smart medical singularity approaching, the keynote speech. At that time, Robin Li, Internet plus medical basically can be divided into four levels: the first level is the

O2O service, how to users through online to offline drainage, and distributed to those suitable for handling user disease where;

second is intelligent inquiry, computer may in many cases can also overcome the human doctor; the third level is the

gene analysis and accurate medical treatment; the fourth level is the research and development of new drugs


general manager of Baidu medical division Li Zhengceng said, Baidu medical brain benchmarking products are Google and IBM products, and Baidu medical revealed after the "connecting people and information, connecting people and services" two important stages of development, a strategic goal is to connect people with intelligence". Baidu

is very important in artificial intelligence technology to change the medical industry, so Baidu medical division overall abolition, may be a way to change the "existence".

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