Aaron Yan with a young man on the hotel brokerage firm response


wangyiyule· 2017-02-08 22:11:49

Aaron Yan was photographed with a tender man into the hotel

Aaron Yan was photographed with a tender man into the hotel

NetEase entertainment in February 8 reported according to "news reports" artist Aaron Yan, before the lunar new year witnessed open dark grey SUVs pick up a young man to go to the hotel, 2 people together to get off, male friends to cross the street into the street and boutique hotels, he stood in the car waiting for a few minutes before entering the hotel. According to

reports, the boutique hotel offers rest, accommodation services, restaurants and gyms is only for use by the tenant, Aaron Yan and the male friend spent about 2 hours, again one after he first left, back on the street car, after a few minutes away from the hotel hall tender man on the train, he then drove back to the other place to return to their home.

brokerage firm Hua research on this response, Aaron Yan is the day after the end of the work, to participate in a friend's party in the hotel, and the relationship between the young man is just a friend, because just live in the vicinity of the shuttle.

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