ABS is not reached! Gaga shows a small pot of extrusion


wangyiyule· 2017-02-08 22:12:42

Lady Gaga

February entertainment NetEase Qiangjing fat belly 8 reported according to Taiwan media reports, Lady Gaga this year as the Super Bowl halftime show guests, nearly 13 minutes of midfield show zero ice, show great acclaim, but the show out of the A small pot of fat was friends tucao. Hot Gaga

show sing for nearly 13 minutes, with "Poker Face" "Born this Way" "Telephone" "Just" "Dance Million Reasons" "Bad Romance" as the first single heat, but she put the silver armor, and then put on a white coat in the short version, the lens can be see the small belly fat extrusion scene was friends Tucao, fans immediately jumped out of Idol "in abdominal training maintenance".

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