Guo Donglin sketch was indicted: 1 yuan to the people of Henan

Guo Donglin Henan people sketch lawyer

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Guo Donglin

"money" sketch liar said Henan, Xi'an Henan membership lawyer to "regional discrimination", "infringement of right of reputation of the people in Henan on the grounds to the court proceedings.

liar said Henan dialect, Henan Netizens feel lying gun

2017 year Beijing TV Spring Festival Party essay money to call the liar said Henan, causing hot friends. In February 7th, Xi'an Henan membership lawyer by the "regional discrimination" and "infringement of right of reputation of the people in Henan" Sue, Beijing TV station and the comedy screenwriter and actor, to all the people of Henan a public apology and compensation for each element.

by Guo Donglin, Sun Guitian, Wujiang, and other performances of the story tells the story is: go out to help his wife to buy stockings in the vicinity of the Bank of the ATM machine to meet aunt played in the vicinity of the mother of the. Aunt encounter telephone fraud, Guo Donglin found to prevent aunt deceived, persuasion and not money, but the good people bad when aunt. Two each other, hilarious lines, staged a series of funny behavior. Cause hot friends, is the aunt after the phone rings, the phone that the liar is a Henan cavity. According to

reports, the phone in the crook of a Henan accent from Henan friends grievance. Net friend said, liar's accent is why we Henan accent, we are wronged. The whole process is Mandarin, the voice of the liar is not the same, very uncomfortable. "

sketch screenwriter Wei Xin in micro-blog issued apology:" as this essay writers, I apologize to you friends, essays in the Henan dialect and the liar teacher Guo Donglin has nothing to do with the native dialect is my voice, my hometown is Shandong, close to the Henan dialect, the dialect don't never say so, cause you misunderstand, really feel shy, apologize to everyone! "

" to evoke various discrimination through litigation notice "

sued the Shaanxi lawyer Gil Zhang Huashan, a 39 year old native of Henan, Mengjin, live in Xi'an Beilin, Yanta District in the work unit.

7 on the morning of 10 pm, Zhang Huashan to Yanta District court litigation service center to submit the indictment. Court staff that its domicile in Beilin District, has not been accepted. Subsequently, Zhang Huashan to express mail sent to form the indictment Beilin District court.

the indictment listed in addition to the defendant in Beijing TV, the other three defendants were sketch screenwriter Wei Xin and actor, Sun Guitian, and so on, and so on, as well as the actor and actress, and so on, and so on. Claim three: requesting the court to order the defendant in Beijing satellite TV to all the people of Henan public apology for a week; requesting the court to order the defendant to all Henan people each compensation for mental damages 1 yuan; the defendant bear the cost of case.

Zhang Huashan believes that the defendant works obviously alluding to Henan is synonymous with people cheat, sketches and performers in the audience laughter, injured people in Henan. He said, Henan people continue to be demonized, sarcastic Henan "riff" is the four spread. This naked geographical discrimination, people can not help but want to ask: Henan people in the end who recruit who? "Money" is a sketch of literary and artistic works, the content of fiction and fictional characters, but fictional liar but a Henan accent, apparently will mislead the public to Henan generally regarded as a liar, the overall image of belittle the people of Henan, exacerbate existing regional discrimination in society.

as a person in Henan, I often encounter their own identity was used to ridicule Henan people, and even obvious discrimination. The reason to bring a lawsuit, but also hope that through this form to arouse public attention to all kinds of intentional, unintentional discrimination, so that the community more unity, harmony. Whether it is the usual life or literary works, should consciously abandon this naturally or half unconsciously discrimination. "Zhang Huashan said, as literary works, the value orientation should be positive, should guide the public to establish the correct values, not kitsch, not a part of people's happiness based on another part of the.

: Beijing TV station is not informed, "the court filing."

reporter noted, screenwriter Wei Xin micro-blog apology, said he would only say close to Henan dialect home in Shandong dialect, and Shandong friends stood up and said, "do you think of my hometown dialect is appropriate?

Zhang Huashan said: if the telecommunications network fraud, liar distribution is not the most places in Henan. This essay, with all the bad things to the people of Henan on suspicion of. Of course, if it is not appropriate to use other dialects, why not use Mandarin?

it is understood that Zhang Huashan has authorized the Beijing Dacheng (Xi'an) lawyer Han chaoze to the sole agent of the case, the lawyer Han Zhaoze positive response: to support Huashan public interest litigation, to symbolically charged attorney fees 1 yuan, to show respect the work of lawyers.

7 PM, the reporter contacted the Beijing TV station, the staff said it was not informed, and so on the court filing. "

for this matter, Xi'an people how to see?

for public prosecution, Mr. Xue believes that this is just the literary works only, just to determine a personal identity to the people, and not to be understood as "what local people have such qualities". Mr. Wang believes that the public, or suspected of speculation. "Do you say that Beijing is a black film? do

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