Miriam Yeung is worried about his son became sissy lead shelling

Miriam Yeung son of QianZiWen sissy

beiqingwangyule· 2017-02-08 22:13:12

2 Sept. 8, according to the "electronic newspaper" reported that Miriam Yeung and Ding Zigao married for 8 years, only one son Torres, so anything of her son very seriously, and strive to Qinliqinwei, which of course includes the life education, did not expect the recent topic to Miriam Yeung, 2015 in an interview revealed that the "frozen" love son of Princess Elsa, also love "girl toy", let her worry son become too "sissy", this old interview was recently dug up, attracted many netizens criticized, said she was "the best monster parents".

Miriam Yeung did in 2015 2015 interview, was criticized as "gender discrimination" typical Miriam Yeung said, son of love Elsa, "he is a boy, take Elsa to do what I say, of course, also not good for children love pink, love with kitchen supplies have opinions, frown:" I felt very strange, I say this will not change the 'sissy', why some girls often play and the princess ", she even told Torres:" mommy not love this, can not see", Yesterday the interview is also Hongkong network Reds King Jer "in the face book posted, criticism and said:" what I see in 80s? Parenting programs? "

for this former interview caused by the storm, Miriam Yeung sent a thousand words long apology, admitted that the past himself as a new mother, do not know how to understand their children" afraid, will choose the wrong for them, especially when they are not know how to speak to express their own stage ", so" made some benighted worries ", she also stressed that the son love Elsa with kitchen toys, actually have a positive impact, including cultivate interest in reading, but also learn to do the cake, this year she also eats to the baby cakes.

mother Miriam Yeung finally realized "ultimately do not want too much, is the way they are out of their own," father Ding Zigao also in the "King Jer" face book message, said the children in the school life, with his wife in school when the parents, "which is unclear vision, easy wrong choice but, stop, think and comprehend more and more progress".

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