Ministry of Education: do not encourage the eastern school to encourage the introduction of talent from the Midwest, Northeast

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tengxunjiaoyu· 2017-02-08 22:17:56

2" on Sept. 7, the Information Office of the State Council held the State Council routine policy briefing about the 2016 National People's Congress and CPPCC members suggested proposals for the media to.

Vice Minister of education Shen Xiaoming said in a briefing on the media reporters recommend proposals for work, in 2016 the Ministry of Education issued a total of 81 new education policy, most of the policy formation process have benefited from the proposal on behalf of members.

Shen Xiaoming said that the two situation is introduced, one is in the big policy framework document, such as the "13th Five-Year" education planning, education modernization, education 2030 poverty alleviation action plan (2016-2020), preschool education three year action plan are absorbed over the years on behalf of members of the proposal. In the second case, some educational policies are directly motivated by the proposal of the deputies and members. For example, some members in recent years in the western region has repeatedly suggested that some universities in eastern region with relatively favorable working and living conditions, some of the academic elite, frequently the backbone of the teaching in Colleges and universities in western region to the eastern dig better university. We call this phenomenon "Peacock Flying southeast". The Ministry of education believes that this phenomenon is not only in western universities is unfair, but also the talent price unreasonably higher the more speculation, the running cost is not reasonable to more speculation higher, so that part of university teachers morale and lax, is not conducive to the long-term development of College teachers.

Shen Xiaoming introduction, in early 2017, the Ministry of Education issued a document to regulate the flow of university teachers, made it clear that the eastern part of the university to encourage the introduction of talent from the Midwest, northeast universities. He said, we know that this is not a matter of expediency encouraged, but we believe that now is helpful for stable teachers. This policy is the result of the proposal on behalf of members. This is a very good case for the proposal of the members of the committee.

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