The arts exam 6 school girls 3 days of sleep for half an hour a day

Girls art school hours.

tengxunjiaoyu· 2017-02-08 22:18:04

" is also a year when the arts. 18 year old art candidates Ding Jingmiao, from Heze. For their own dream of broadcasting, from February 5th to February 6th, two days after the two attended 4 art. 6 to participate in the exam, back to Ji'nan, she, in order to prepare for the next exam, only half an hour of sleep. No matter how hard they are exam, inflexible dreams. 6 this morning, the reporters came to the Ding Jingmiao test in Ji'nan temporary Hotel, the dream girl exam exam course conducted field visits. Qilu network reporter Liu source reported

" at six in the morning, the reporter saw her, she and two other students crowded in a standard room. "Today is really not up, the day before yesterday to review the contents of the examination, until yesterday at half past two before sleep, only half an hour of sleep. Wake up at three in the morning to catch the train to Tai'an, Taishan University".

six ten in the morning, she and her friends in order to save time to wash together.

" Ding Jingmiao while doing mask side wash.

" for three people in a room, the space constraints, she can only squat makeup in the aisle between the two beds.

" Ding told us, because the exam need, from years ago began practicing makeup, from the original does not adapt to the makeup time now takes only twenty minutes to. The art exam, is not to say that schools are required to make-up, some schools do not have make-up, in examination must require candidates is makeup makeup, some schools require unloading into half face makeup.

" make-up, Ding Jingmiao's mother called, Ding Jingmiao reported safe after told reporters that the house phone, he didn't want to let the family worry, say something interesting about the arts, bad news.

their luggage also had no time to sort out. Often do not eat rice. After a test immediately rushed to the next.

" at 7:30 in the morning, she changed the exam for the clothing, "we hope to catch the teacher's eye, buy some clothes with bright bright colors. "

"at 7:40 in the morning, she finished taking the required materials ready to rush to the examination room.

at 7:45 in the morning, she called the "drop" car came. She told reporters, to Shanxi exam, a train station, she was full of joy I get to the lodging place, "the elder brother" to her 150 yuan. When she finished leaving Shanxi to know, the original road in her taxi fare only 20 bucks.

8 25, she arrived at Juxian street Ji'nan City flyover District of Ji'nan city third secondary occupation Shunhe campus. However, the school gate was empty, after understanding, she found herself wrong test, and the correct point is third Ji'nan city occupation technical secondary school Huashan campus, two campuses located 10 km away, so she can only race against time.

8 35, Ding again hit the car, rushed to the test center. After a series of setbacks, she was terribly fatigued, dead asleep.

9 25, she finally arrive at the examination room after a series of setbacks. In order to dream, such a rush in the exam, will continue.

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The arts exam 6 school girls 3 days of sleep for half an hour a day

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