The exchange rate is so high that these schools tuition even rose

Exchange rate tuition school black area

Zhichzhongguo· 2017-02-08 22:18:46

believes that most of the students and prospective students have felt: how the United States more expensive tuition fees? Not only because of rising college tuition, but also with the devaluation of the renminbi against the dollar, a matching the need to spend more rmb. Let's count the bill carefully.

taking University of Virginia as an example, according to the data released by the official website:

of the University of the state of undergraduate students (including international students) 2015-2016 annual tuition is $43772, including accommodation, insurance and other living expenses of the estimated $15726 2015-2016, then the total annual cost is $59498. However, the next year, University of Virginia tuition will be raised to $45066, including accommodation, insurance and other living expenses estimate of $16131, the annual total cost of 2016-2017 will rise to $61197.

at the same time, because of the continuous decline in the past six months, the dollar led currency continued to rise into the trend, the U.S. dollar against the RMB exchange rate rose a lot last year.

nearly a year to the US dollar to RMB exchange rate rising trend figure

we look again converted into Renminbi after leaving the United States cost:

2016 in January 23rd, the dollar against the RMB exchange rate is 1: 2015-2016 6.58, this calculation, the total annual cost is equivalent to RMB 391497 yuan; today, the dollar against the RMB exchange rate rose to 1:6.872016-2017 annual total the cost is equivalent to 420374 yuan.

because the tuition increase with the change of exchange rate, a year difference of 28877 yuan, the growth rate has exceeded 7%, do not think that this is all just not return tickets, entertainment and other expenses!

tuition is getting higher and higher, even the United States can not see. In January 3rd, New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced the first proposal in New York this year, is about tuition remission. The proposal: the annual household income of 125 thousand yuan, at New York City College and New York State University for two years and four years of college students can avoid tuition. If the proposal is passed, it is equivalent to nearly 1 million students can receive free college education. We can see that the U.S. government has some attention on tuition fees to students, families are difficult to load problem. However, this proposal is currently only for local students, but I do not know whether the local student tuition is good or bad international students. Hope that tuition fees do not continue to rise just fine!

tuition fees increased by more than $2000 this year, the United States and colleges and universities, we have a deep steak, to see if they have any reason to rise.


2016-2017 of the Columbia University 1 annual tuition: $55056

2015-2016 annual tuition: $51008

or $4048

: This is the big brother of the tuition at the top of the expensive, and is located in New York Manhattan in the first-tier cities, living expenses is gone. Think about 3 years ago, Columbia's tuition is only $49138, when the U.S. dollar against the RMB exchange rate is only 1:6.10, much cheaper than now. However, the high tuition fees have not been reduced year by year to reduce the students' love for columbia. Nearly 5 years of data, the number of students applying for a steady increase in the number of Columbia, 2016 Columbia is a large number of applications received by the students, compared to last year, only a few more than 36292. It seems to be expensive".

TOP 2 California University Losangeles campus

2016-2017 annual tuition: $39518

2015-2016 annual tuition: $35631

or $3887

: University of California at Los Angeles is the University of California in the system of schools, as a public university tuition, it really is not too expensive. But since 2014, the board of directors of the University of California through the 5 consecutive year to increase tuition fees of students since the resolution of the increase in tuition fees continue to rise, so there have been a number of student protests in 5%. The reason for the increase in tuition fees, in order to allow the entire system to increase the number of colleges and universities to recruit more than 5000 students each year, and increase the number of teaching staff and the provision of courses, thereby promoting the growth rate of graduation. It seems that the increase in tuition fees have to rise all the way to Losangeles campus in 2019. The Madison campus of University of Wisconsin


TOP 3 annual tuition: $32738

2015-2016 annual tuition: $29665

or $29665

: University of Wisconsin at Madison is the top U.S. public research university, is also the world's most prestigious public university in the life sciences, mathematics and natural science, medicine, politics and economics successes. Look at last year's tuition fee of less than $30 thousand is very conscience, but even raised nearly $3000, it is still considered the top u.s.. It is considered to be the king of the United States to study abroad, really not too.


2016-2017 of the New York University 4 annual tuition: $49062

2015-2016 annual tuition: $46170

or $2892

: New York University with the centre of New York, not to mention the tuition fees, daily living expenses is not small. And because there is no New York University campus, although most teaching buildings are located in the Washington Square near the park, but some teaching points far away from the main campus, blocks from the 30 street in the above, students need to take the subway or a taxi to go to school, a semester in traffic is not a small overhead. But a good location for New Zealand

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