How to find what you really want to do?

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I had skills and a lot of people entangled in life, feel life is not angry, things are not what I want. The idea of

began brewing since high school, "the desire to find the one you really want to do", that I tried very much, even some deviant.

in the process of making these attempts I suffered a lot of relatives, friends, and I do not understand the frustration, anger, but at the same time, I also met a lot of people who have a significant impact on my life.

after so many years of trying, I've found what I really want to do". but in the course of this quest, life gives me more than I thought.

when I was in the back of his own past, will find the "find what you really want to do" the true state of fact and I, and also at the beginning of your imagination is different. So I want to share my experience with you, and I want to share with you the rich rewards of my life in the course of my quest.

I want to use this article to end all the "how to find what you really want to do" problem.


"to find what they really want to do" there are four common misconceptions.

for "many people understand what you really want to do" is: at one end of the world there is a thing only belong to his waiting for him, so he only need to keep looking at the outside world, and until you can find the answer.

many times, people are often unaware of or unwilling to face your true motivation: he was proclaiming that it is going to find what you really want to do, in fact, just to escape from his present life.

they think they find that they really want to do is Everything will be fine.. They often have such an illusion: if you find it, he can put his whole heart into which he can have a passion, can no longer lazy, no longer get up late, don't delay.

many people consider whether or not to love something, is a kind of rational instrumentalism attitude to measure . They often subconsciously thinking whether it is hard, whether can let him get people's attention and recognition, can bring him how income after the "decision" if you love this thing.

these four myths have a profound impact, but before we find out what we really want to do, , let's figure out why you want to find what you really want to do.


" you have found that different people can "do you really want to do" the level of desire this thing is different?

maybe you've heard a lot of people around you are complaining: I don't like what I'm doing.

but some people do not because of love, we have a strong resistance, and every day contemplating quitting;

some people know that they do not love what you do, but he has no sense of

; some people don't seek to do what you love to do; others

in doing what he didn't love the job, but then he gradually fell in love;

and others have been eager to do certain things, but really have a chance to do it, but he did it feel not long flat and uninteresting.

you may think in this life if you are not able to do the things you want to do is worth living, so when you do what you love to do without, you will be very painful; your father might say to you: shit! What do you want to do, can make money is king, you do not see this is a what kind of society do you want to do? Believe it or not!

it's not about who you are and your father is right, but why you are so miserable because you can't do what you want to do, but your father doesn't care about it at all?

why do you think about this? This is very important, why is this?

the answer is simple, because people are different.

yes, you may already know that people who are different, you will feel that I give you the answer without the slightest color.

but the difference between "people and people" is that is different from others, so the experience of others is meaningless to you.

you are different from others, so you like

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