Since you want to improve the study background, why not take a look at these research projects?

Scientific research project background study abroad Professor

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poke above the blue word attention to the "teacher" oh!

Ms. Ceng Minmin (WeChat: zengminmin2013), alumni of Harvard University, member of Harvard University Asian Student Scholarship Committee, member of China Advisory Committee COURSERA, chairman of the American Association of independent Huaying education, education consultant (IECA) certification consultant, has published "ten years - a Harvard story girl". In 2014 the creation of a new footprint Study Tour Network (, committed to China youth through various selection at home and abroad to experience the world's elite education courses.

for many students to apply in fighting on the road to students and parents, compared to a standard score, the school is more important, is the student's extracurricular activity experience.

and summer courses, especially academic ones, are an important part of these extracurricular activities.

want to increase the weight of personal experience, we must not miss the most valuable, with a high gold content of the new footprint to enhance the ability to study the background of the project!

today, I would like to talk about how to learn from the academic point of view, to enhance the competitiveness of children studying abroad.

there are many kinds of scientific research projects, including engineering, business, computer science, statistics, including the humanities, media, art, sociology, etc..

in the process of the project, the teacher will usually combined with some specific cases, teach some specific courses for students, and the students will do some independent research under the guidance of the teacher, through data analysis, finally we may have to do a project statement on his research stage, even to write papers. The following

", I will give you the exclusive 4 scientific research projects currently in the new tracks very popular high gold content.

exclusive project 1

take you [] challenge health science subject area


for the first week of class time period

2017 years 07 months 03 ~ 07 month 23 days


2017 31 ~ 08 years 07 months 20 days

of Massachusetts General Hospital teaching field teaching

project characteristics follow the

of Harvard Medical School professor

and top scientists zero distance communication

touch the world's most cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements

" and click on the picture to see the details of the project project with 2

exclusive you comprehend the true meaning of Education [] law field

3 months

20 17 years 02 months 01 ~ 08 month 31 days

remote online teaching + Harvard law professor at Harvard University,

field face-to-face teaching and online teaching

exclusive counseling combined with authentic

three Harvard law field class


exclusive items to help you [] in the field of commercial promotion judgment and decision making

a law professor at Harvard University, interdisciplinary teaching

3 months distance teaching combined with field research study

case study and analysis of


to help you find the exclusive project [] in the field of drama acting talent

Two weeks

2017 06 01 ~ 08 31

Shenzhen theatre education + performance + shooting

to face to face challenge of acting lecturer at Harvard University

a taste of improvisation and performance introduction to the essence of

summer two weeks of the famous Shenzhen theatre English pure teaching

project, the quota is extremely limited!

if you are interested in these items

please take the time to sign up!

welcomed the consultation to understand the Harvard research press the scan code below the two-dimensional code

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