Do you think your American Technology Corp are Trump, is actually Trump with big brother in this act!

Trump big brother blue green

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Trump after taking office, all kinds of action is the major media reports every day with vigour and vitality, are he... I believe many people like home every day and see a piece like you the. I heard Trump by the U.S. technology sector to the other? Estimated to be about to step down, right? You said your home page or pattern Tucson broken, but the scientific community with a Trump brother play.

From bad

micro signal: chaping321

since the United States local real estate developers and senior figth Trump superior, the uncle did a little vague, before the race was made Flag a realization of the ~

for example, it ran to repair the "the Great Wall"...

, President of Mexico said the decision I dislike, cancel the visit to ~

" but Trump uncle resolute attitude, obvious regret saying is a wall instead of two block... But Uncle Trump apparently did not control the housing real estate profession everywhere stir concrete habit, and signed a seven ban upsets the whole nation ~

campaign blown out policy office must be signed!

after the ban, the United States and the whole world of science and technology has been bombed the Internet, into the water town fiery, bad today, we take a look at the king.

is the first Twitter, although the Trump uncle always thinking about Twitter rule, but Twitter did not give him the face... CEO just made a policy that frustrating. Special

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey of the humanitarian and economic impact of the executive order of the real, disappointing. Refugees and immigrants to the United States helped us.

is not just a whole company, Tucao, they raised a total of $1 million 950 thousand donated to the ACLU (ACLU), specifically to oppose Trump ban...

said there are a lot of people should be sealed Trump Twitter, lest he blind BB every day!

" but I think it is not possible, remove the political point of view, Trump to now quite miserable Twitter is a super red net, Nikkatsu on him, compared to the Twitter, he Uber CEO slightly from next door...

Uber CEO Karan Nick

because it's just announced its withdrawal from the Trump establishment of the economic advisory team ~

but does not exclude him from the Advisory Group of the reasons may be fried consumer collective delete Uber account...

"edge" reported by

in order to resist Uber and Trump become good friend, someone started to delete the Uber account, a total of 200 thousand people took part in the activities of

Uber like this car business, few people lost is not much more special, "Silicon Valley iron man Musker may suffer... Because in the musk counsellors, so many consumers simply unsubscribe home musk Tesla motors! A little embarrassing

musk face, ran out of a sound, and said: "Friday morning I'll spray Trump, you feel OK? "

from Techcrunch news: musk said he will be at the meeting on Friday publicly opposed immigration ban

Google also came to oppose, but very obscure, sent a such Twitter...

Google Twitter

"if you feel where is wrong, don't be afraid, he said out loud! "Fred is loose (Fred pine is the freedom of citizens civil rights advocates, coincides with his birthday, I do not know is not God ~) followed by

Google CEO brother also chopping wood quickly jumped out, recalled hundreds of overseas employees, for fear of Trump uncle one day give them banned... Then Twitter said the United States should be the home of immigrants.


chopping wood brother this country has always been like Sanaz immigrants home, now the country know her story, Google ~

< with you p> the famous American Forum reddit CEO, is also very interesting, he felt the support forum of Sichuan general comments are too much, then decided to "control" the support forum Trump remarks...

stop position against Trump ban company
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