A US student planning Spring home of the road, nearly 2 million hits!

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waitanjiaoyu· 2017-02-08 22:19:35

, the Spring Festival is a festival with gift money,

I idle at home, parents are busy trying to


grew up, the Spring Festival is a ticket across the Strait,

in the head I miss

, my parents in the hope.

" in the Spring Festival, China has 4000 years of history, but the real name for the Spring Festival is two words, after the revolution of 1911. The Spring Festival is the day from the eve of the lunar new year, people began to "busy" houses, shampoo and bath for the new year, the Spring Festival is a sacrificial utensils and so on; for the day, in addition to the worship of the ancestors, the gods will enjoy earthly fireworks during the spring Festival; Spring Festival is the populace entertainment Carnival Festival, playing the lions, dragon dance, yangko dance, stilt, juggling the play, festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival is rich.

with the accelerating pace of life, many people lamented these years more and more not the taste, although a lot less form of fun, in fact, for all Chinese, or more spring festival family reunion day , no matter where there is a place that we are not alone. Especially our students, this year's Spring Festival is just the time they finish the final exam days, not only their own babies home cook a bowl of dumplings, and get home before the baby for a few days, they will face the return.

there are so few young students, "first and worry about you after all, Le Le", they not only pay attention to their thoughts of home, pay more attention to the overall feeling of Spring Festival students, specially for everyone in their effort to build the comedy drama "Spring Festival this year, we want to go home the cheats in" . Video to get a little late, whether you have to go home for the new year, you can play this drama because of love and care and make a joke, forget the bitterness and miss, enjoy the happiness and warmth at the moment.

study road is lonely and tired, but anyway, home always welcome you back. Studying abroad you should clear the direction of their choice, study hard, seriously, also let the parents feel.

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A US student planning Spring home of the road, nearly 2 million hits!

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