Can't write an English composition? The 3 tip is enough for you forever

English secret composition examination

tengxunjiaoyu· 2017-02-08 22:19:42

in daily writing, you will find such a phenomenon: clearly understand how to write, but it is not written, from the mother tongue to the process of English is not always so smooth. First of all, the candidates should understand that: Writing in English study is the vocabulary, grammar and other basic knowledge, students' understanding and extension ability.

" so people ask Xiao Bian: teacher, English composition pass easily, to perform very difficult? In fact, want to write English composition, remember these 3 secrets is enough.

1. abandon universal template, innovation! Innovation! Innovation!

here's universal template, not before the exam each year the teacher summed up the new template, but refers to a variety of search engines to find the old template. The beginning of a composition, the end of the middle part of the old section of the old template, then what might happen? That is at least one candidate with your essay "crash". Universal template in the legend in judging the teacher seems to have got used to, it is just like the Chinese composition in Qu Yuan, Gorky, Confucius, became the paper friends most frequently. So when

want to get high scores than on the more difficult roads of shu. So what should we do? In fact, the template is a suitable approach to writing, think in English exams, when you do a bunch of listening, reading and sentence analysis, at this moment, your mind is very chaotic, essay appears to be simple, in fact is very high, not only to grasp the purpose of writing, to ensure the composition not because of vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar and lost points, if you can recite a template before the exam, that is simply too good!

however, this universal template requires the students to rely on their own accumulation, from the beginning to undertake, abandon those simple words, such as "upcoming", replace "next", such as "for my part", "from my own perspective" replace "in my opinion", "overwhelmingly", "exceedingly", "extremely", "intensely" for "very" and so on.

2. vocabulary, syntax, slang, idioms and a

to undertake words, in fact composition has a lot of words can see your vocabulary, so the composition of level low, for example, you want to express "all", so you use the "all", but you can use the "copious".

in addition, the composition of the sentence is divided into: beginning, cohesion, example, the end. In addition, we can recite the subjunctive sentences, clauses and so on.

in English slang and idioms play an important role in the composition, most compositions are in favor of preaching, and will play an important role in slang.

3. extended reading, read and recite dictation -- finally

many students reflect writing feeling "false", especially for example, do not know what to write, is actually very simple, because there is no idea in mind, if you often read, cultivate their own point of view, read a lot of examples of many celebrities and so on. Then you'll have them natural composition.

then reading English stories can not read enough, in order to cultivate your text Polish ability, Xiaobian recommended that students can have dictation, dictation, recitation can recite, is not a simple task, but from the experience of writing ideas, add color to your English composition.

above, you have learned?

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