Yanjiao more than 20 residential property of small property right?


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China Times reporter Yang Shi province of Yanjiao reported

" in Hebei Province, Sanhe vice mayor Liu Zenglu (in) to answer these issues fall Yang Shi province / photo between

70 years, 50 years into 40 night property, the hands of the real estate license to a "paper" housing is not the sale of … … to live in the East Garden District of Miss Wang, the trouble starts from the end of 2016, after until the lunar new year.

Miss Wang in 2002 bought the east garden area of the house, the room is clearly written 70 years of residential land property rights. However, in December last year, she suddenly found that their houses can not be traded. It is understood that in December last year, after the introduction of real estate policy, the district has not yet fallen, leading to less than real estate owners receive permits. At present, some houses have been transferred to the District, but can not get the bank tail, and some even pay off the house, but also can not lift the mortgage.

it is reported that Yanjiao currently has more than 20 area and the east garden area, not fall in.

2 month 8 days around 8 points, Hebei Yanjiao Fucheng District (five) crowded, early owners gathered in the fortune five building No. 4 in front of the door, waiting for the vice mayor of Hebei Sanhe Liu Zenglu housing and other related issues fall in solution. Liu Zenglu said the government will soon solve the housing related issues.

reporter learned from the Sanhe people's government, the matter since the beginning of December 2016 Sanhe real estate registration began to be concerned about the owners of Yanjiao. According to the notice issued by the Sanhe real estate registration board on December 7, 2016 showed that all houses have to be accepted after the fall of the business. The so-called

fall cases, simply said, is in the implementation of real estate registration, real estate license and certificate of land be made one is housing and land, the specific measures must be related, in life, property use, Land Bureau for examination and approval of land and buildings on the ground, must be consistent. For example, the nature of commodity housing land must be residential land, or can not be connected, it can not apply for a new real estate license. The relationship between the house and the land is called the fall.

and Yanjiao is in the rapid development, there are a lot of historical issues, such as the Sanhe Land Bureau for approval of a lot of land property, scope, purpose, and life of the buildings on the ground do not coincide, it is said that many residential property of land use and land is residential, so can not fall, the house can not be traded. The nature of these residential land use diversity, there are green land, industrial land, commercial land, and even illegal land, etc.. Reporters learned that the reason why these small houses can not fall in reason including land not allow the surrender, land use for industrial land, land for the nature of collective land, or land for the nature of government transfer etc..

2 month 8 days, Hebei government of Sanhe city in Langfang province to the owners of Sanhe Yanjiao real estate registration problem of the open letter said, after searching the history data, verify the relevant information, has identified fortune five, Fukuzawa Yiyuan building 14-15, Xiang Xin, Yan Chao Risheng homes, electrical sub district can properly handle not real estate registration.

recently, China Times reporter visited the Yanjiao metallurgy District, District, City District, Zhongyan electronic East Garden District, Pension Golf, West Yan Ling, Huatang manor three, Emperor Yan Xin Xiao Qu, Zizhu and Fucheng (two and three, four and five) and other areas, to know these area have been included in the district can not fall in. Many owners told reporters, can not fall down the district has more than and 20, involving tens of thousands of people, only a blessing into the area involved as many as 7000 people.

2 month 7 days at 4 pm, the reporter went to the Sanhe people's government office to understand the situation, the office an anonymous staff explained to reporters, at present, Sanhe has begun to thoroughly investigate the problems existing in the historical district, is urgent to develop solutions, the relevant results will be released later this week. The solution will be announced. Lan Haibo, Vice Minister of Propaganda Department of Sanhe, told reporters: "in the evening of February 6th, the city leaders have held a meeting to study the problem of multiple districts in Yanjiao, the 7 morning meeting again.

later, the reporter arrived at the Yanjiao Yingbin Road at the southern end of the Sanhe real estate registration business hall to see the hall was crowded with people, to come to consult the cases related issues fall two owners in a continuous line, full consultation window. The glass wall of the window reads: "fall time: not sure".

2 8 March 10, the real estate registration business hall was crowded around the owner again. Owners asked the person in charge of the registration of real estate registration center in Yanjiao, Liu Zenglu, deputy mayor on the implementation of the blessing can be dropped into the right position. However, the official said: there is a need to verify the process of investigation.

China times will continue to focus on the matter.

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