F22 for what stealth coating? It is said to be a bit fierce

The aircraft F22 will coating

micaihujunshi· 2017-02-08 23:25:55

F22 of the United States as the world's first and most successful fifth generation stealth fighter, its excellent aerodynamic design and stealth coatings have the match up at night. However, this stealth coating will continue to wear with time, need to be replaced. But the old technology of stealth coatings in the continuous development of new air defense radar, stealth performance may seem less effective. To this end, Lockheed Martin? Stealth coating company is to repair and upgrade the F22 fighter radar.

belongs to the stealth coating material stealth technology, its role is to reduce their RCS compression area rival radar line of sight, to covert penetration and aerial ability. Stealth coating is mainly coated with radar absorbing materials, absorbing materials for early ferrite, the ferrite absorbing materials including lithium cadmium ferrite, nickel cadmium ferrite and ferrite ceramics, but the disadvantage is obvious, multilayer coating will lead to weight gain a lot of aircraft; and later non ferrite substrate coating, the coating can be made of 80% radar wave attenuation of the aircraft, and the iron material quality is only 1 /10.

" but the absorbing material has been used can be seen, ferrite absorbing wave material is still a lot of deficiencies, narrow frequency band, stealth absorbing ability is not strong, thick coating and surface density is relatively large, high-temperature microwave absorbing coating poor performance etc..

due to F22 service time is relatively long, upgrade more advanced stealth coating is imperative. According to foreign media news, Lockheed Martin F22 · the company has just completed the "inlet Coating Maintenance" (ICR) accelerated line (Speedline) facility. The facility is mainly used for the inspection of the F22 stealth surface coating, the replacement of the modified coating, the new coating can be maintained for a longer time and improve radar stealth performance. According to

, it is speculated that the new absorbing materials will have the characteristics of thin coating, light weight, wide frequency band and strong absorbing ability. This will have far-reaching significance, the current U.S. military has 187 F22, the new stealth absorbing coating will make it more stealth, and intends to extend its service time.

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