Trump: enter the White House a moment feel great

Trump the White House President feeling

micaihujunshi· 2017-02-08 23:26:37

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China News Network February 8 (Shen Yang) comprehensive foreign media reports, in an interview with the Fawkes news channel aired on February 7th, said he slept only 4 to 5 hours per night. It seems to be the president of the United States can be described as a high-pressure job.

in an interview, Trump said he worked for a long time, until zero or 1 in the morning before going to bed. But on the second day, he would get up at 5 in the morning, glued to newspapers and television stations across the United States to see what was going on.

in addition, Trump also criticized the media coverage of false news. He said: "I have never made false news. Some websites and newspapers are too dishonest. They are not honest even to confuse right and wrong degree, but I know those stories originally should all be positive news. "And when the host asked the media made him a" person "is the harbour evil designs hurt his feelings, Trump replied:" no, because they always do. "The first thing they will do for Republicans and conservatives," says

Trump, "is to fight racism. By this means they do mischief, and always do so, not only for me, but for everyone is so. I found this, and once I found it, I felt a lot better. "

Trump also spoke in the white house feels so amazing:" I must tell you that day, I walked into the White House Front Gate moment said to myself, "this kind of feeling is really wonderful. Then I went to the office of the president and met with some of the company's executives, including Ford Motor Co and General Company. I want to hear the same people who have the same office, and when they go into the president's office, the idea is the same as mine.

Trump said that the president is in some ways a surreal experience, but I have to forget about it, because there is too much work to be done.

however, although Trump is still busy with "shocked" gradually adapt to their life in the White House, outside of his opposition but has not yet subsided. The United States, "time" magazine reported that, at present, a request for the impeachment of President Trump's protests have collected more than 650 thousand signatures. The online petition, led by two non-profit groups, began on January 20th, when Trump took office. Organizers said that as of noon on February 7th, the event has received 655363 signatures to support.

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