I heard that you recently fell madly in love with the chicken in the advertisement"

Advertising love courtesy puppet

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lead: 2017, first at the beginning of a courtesy I wish you a wonderful year of chicken. With the development of communication is developed, the original spring festival phone messages have become WeChat pay New Year's call pay New Year's call. Speaking of our Greater China WeChat, how can such a small package expression! So when the new format of the expression package and crazy once, imperceptibly, have two "chicken" image of the creature appeared in many people's expression library. They look very adorable with a word, simply to Tucao effect Baqun, that with so much, do you know where they came from?

" of the two successful entry into the chicken year expression package

first, you have to give you a correct concept, although a look out what, but that in fact this kind of chicken chicken "and the Spring Festival is our biological Zodiac the , but the parrot. They are occasions not imagine the puppet show or what the children's programs, but the Japanese telecom operator DOCOMO ads.

" this expression package is correct

Japanese advertisements on it, exaggerated yet cool, funny and not fall sensational, we have too many nuclear machine Amway excellent Japanese advertisement. If you look at the last 2016 years of Japan's excellent advertising, you will find that the little sister behind the sword is the two little parrot.

sister take this advertisement really practicing for a long time in 2015 when the

DOCOMO, in order to promote their score card you want to design a mascot. This is different from the domestic several operators of high cold, calm temperament image, DOCOMO want to give them a score card close to life, relaxed feeling, with the parrot "integral Point in English and Japanese (I, U) of the Rome sound" inko ", a lovely parrot brother" Poinko "was born.

lovely Poinko

OK, I know you want to see the little sister and brother parrot ads to everybody below highlights a parrot brothers advertising debut. A total of 18, not all.

parrot brothers advertising highlights

advertising in the Miss sister called in, thou construct (in the color bar is not), is a young actor / model. The person caught by her heart can focus on her new movie this year.

of course, DOCOMO's ads are not just the same as the parrot brothers mascot, their other ads are quite interesting. For example, the sudden reversal of advertising from the March graduation season, near graduation season, many graduates must have experienced such a sad but happy mood.

graduate Sheng, and then

clima "is a very great advertising, let people around you, to play the famous" Bolero "by the side of the material. Many people first heard Bolero is in "digital treasure", while the DOCOMO shooting this advertisement also spent a tremendous effort, behind the scenes they shot you can see in their YouTube channel. By the way, the commander in chief of the DOCOMO, however, oh oh.

DoCoMo is Noyes with

course for a while Japanese indulge "detonation" series of ads, DOCOMO has added a lively. Their choice is 3 seconds! The detonation velocity of dumplings, the three time from production to cook completed. To tell you the truth, I do not dare to eat......

burst speed dumplings

read so much, we finally get a decent, very serious advertising to end it. DOCOMO tells you how to properly use the Japanese toilet. OK, so the question is, are you an elephant or a ponytail?

how to use the toilet in Japan

conclusion: Poinko is really cute, I also often use its expression pack. After a careful understanding of the DOCOMO is deeply in love with the ads, if you have the conditions, you can also go to the link above to see their other excellent advertising. Japanese creativity is really not acceptable!

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