Only one word can sum up the 2016 China property market

Property market China only high-speed rail

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by the end of the year, the real estate market a bit confused.

according to the latest release of the 2016 national housing report, it seems that the confusion is normal, because now is a large housing market differentiation era. Now the city group was wrapped in a round of the nebula, and some have some visibility, and is pregnant.

analysis down, to sum up the real estate market in 2016 only one word - differentiation.

, a city which has the prospect of differentiation of second tier city

2016 a second city: Beijing and Shanghai prices rally amazing prices rose more than 40%, Xiamen, Hefei, Nanjing, Suzhou four dragons house prices rose more than 30%, led the second city, followed by Zhengzhou city force.

core city group and city has been formed, first-tier cities on the east coast of Hangzhou, the status of Nanjing city in the real estate market cannot shake, and first-tier cities have begun to penetrate into the surrounding satellite city, city effect began to appear, such as Beijing, Yanjiao, Shanghai and other surrounding Kunshan city.

Beijing, Shanghai drift some couldn't settle down at the local, to the local city and first-tier cities exurb, started ahead of the layout. The most convincing is that this year, the fastest growth in housing prices in Langfang, an increase of 102%, ranking in Hefei for the number of second to 76%. The main house, the preferred Langfang.

at the same time, some cities appear difficult to buy a house, the price wage ratio can generally reflect the degree of popularity of the city's real estate.

like Beijing, according to the current average wage, home buyers may not eat or drink for 7.3 months to buy a square meter of room, then no accident is Shanghai, to be 6.9 months. Third unexpected, not Shenzhen, Xiamen, need 6.6 months. The people of Chengdu, Wuxi and Changsha are happier than two months. According to such intuitive figures, you can also look at whether you live in a more happy, less pressure on the purchase of the city.

differentiation is not only in a second tier cities, the price gap between the two or three lines of the city began to expand, high-speed rail era and the transformation of the times, is the era of fierce competition in the city.

according to the prices, the city is divided into five echelon, the first echelon of Shanghai and Shenzhen three city, the average price of more than 40 thousand yuan per square meter, second Xiamen, Nanjing, Guangzhou, the echelon of Tianjin, more than 20 thousand square meters per square meter, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, the third tier is Qingdao, Wuhan, Suzhou, more than 10 thousand yuan per square meter, fourth echelon Dalian, Chengdu, Wuxi, Lanzhou and Foshan City, more than 6 thousand yuan per square meter, Weihai, Jilin, the fifth tier is Changde, Jingzhou, Weifang, less than 6 thousand yuan per square meter.

according to the current situation, lack of land resources first-tier cities, some second tier city has become the core of a city group, the city's real estate safety margin is relatively high, in the stable period of two or three years, prices have finally a rise in space.

different housing prices, does not mean that the development prospects of these cities the same, due to the different cities in the circle, the same echelon will continue to produce differentiation.

second-hand housing and rental prices, the same can be seen in urban differentiation. The price of second-hand housing transactions provided by

from the housing, the three line of the city rose 13%, first-tier cities rose 29%, second tier city rose 28%, second tier city particularly garish, almost caught up with the pace of first-tier cities. Taking into account more than 43.2% of people prefer more than 2 years of second-hand housing for less than 5 years, so the second-hand housing and rent, it is the city and the real estate market heat. Look at the market gains, it is not difficult to find the degree sought Metro real has put the school district room, this performance is particularly evident in a second tier city.

data source: live off the 2016 national housing rental data report

Shanghai beat Beijing, two bedroom monthly rent of 5122 yuan, becoming the highest rent China city. Beijing is 4652 yuan, Tianjin is $2222. Here, not to talk about the value of the rental value or buy, buy is more stable and can meet the requirements of the "mother-in-law", but the economic pressure in front of people can not be ignored; housing more freedom for young people can guarantee a certain quality of life. Rent or buy a house is different from the lifestyle choice orientation, foundation in the core city has a certain cause, at the same time, the local real estate safety margin is higher, choose a rail service facilities, better places to buy just need room, is a relatively feasible and cost-effective options.

two, buyers differentiation

also live in big cities, different income levels of life pressure is different.

buyers are divided into different groups, the distance between different groups, like the earth and Mars, men and women as far apart, said it was tears.

first of all, local residents have a minimum living pressure of a group, if a local resident in Shanghai from his parents to get a 60 square house, now worth $3 million 128 thousand.

followed by the group is a room without a registered permanent residence, no room has an account, the former has enjoyed a real estate premium, which has at least a local public rental housing or even compensation can enjoy.

third level is no room no account, you can not buy, many popular cities are now restricted. Most

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