My son is a genius that is not understood by the world! (shocking parenting education article)

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" in fact, every child is an angel, just don't be broken wings fall, fall in your arms, feel the mother give happiness.

" is not the world's understanding of the genius of

to other children, living in a father is a government official, mother is a professor at the University of the family, the equivalent with a golden key. But it's a pressure for me, because I don't have a good inheritance.

two and a half, the other children poetry, 1 to 100 have the mouth, I was even less than 10 of the number is not clear. On the first day of kindergarten I hurt the children, but also damaged the most expensive piano in the garden. After that, I changed a lot of children's home, can not wait for the longest 10 days. Each kindergarten sternly "repatriation" after my father will to me a fist, but the rain fist not on me, because my mother always took me tightly.

dad forbid my mother to find a kindergarten for me, my mother does not agree, she said the child must contact with the outside world, it is impossible for him to stay at home for a lifetime. So I went to a kindergarten, that day, I will be a bubble urine in the child's job. Mom to travel abroad, who heard the father was very angry, and I will tie in the living room. I called his voice hoarse, wrist by an iron chain made a road bloodstain. I caught the opportunity to hit the home of the television, his study in the book and some important information all burned, and even the fire brigade were alerted.

dad lost its face, use a last resort, I will be sent to a mental hospital. A month later, my mother came back, she was the first thing to divorce my father, and the second is to take me home. Mom took my scarred arm and cried, shaking heaven and earth. I was in her arms, strangely quiet. After a long time, she surprised to shout: "Jiang Jiang, so you quiet down. I have said that my son is not a genius to understand this world! "

I am not alone in fighting

on primary school, many teachers still refused to accept me. Finally, it was my mother's classmate, wei. I did make a promise in front of my mother: no more violence to the students. But the school facilities are not in that range, they suffered one after another. One day, Wei teacher took me to a classroom, said to me: "here are you hurt the wounded, you help them cure it. "

I am willing to do such a thing to heal. I use gift money bought a screwdriver, pliers, wire, battery and so on, then the parts in front of the free combination, these junk-heap in vivid under my hand. Soon, a car, a left and right wings of varying lengths of small aircraft was born.

my side gradually has the schoolmate, I teach them to use the usual parents not to let the movement tool. I no longer use the fist to win the attention, the eyes become friendly and gentle.

many times to see her mother lying on the bed in the evening to read, sleepy to sleep, but also had to turn up the lights, so I used a week to help her refit a lamp remote control. She pressed a switch to half believe and half doubt, the room lights lit up, her eyes a bright, "I said, my son is a genius.

until the primary school is about to graduate, Wei teacher told me the truth. It turned out that the school was admitted to the injured facilities in the ward is my mother rented. Mother by this method for my excess energy to find a vent, and "gander" to cultivate the ability of my hands.

my primary school soon ended in happiness. On the junior high school, an entirely new environment let me once again become the object of Criticism -- don't finish the homework, often damaged laboratory activities, more importantly, the teacher is not the love I. Such as holidays, she will suggest you a gift, a lot of good parents will send.

I said to mother: "virtue such a poor teacher gave her gifts, simply do evil! If you dare to send, I dare not say. "The result is that I suffered a lot of cold, never in the class teacher asked me, I could write the bar again is not high, she also I don't abide by the rules on the grounds of punish me every day after school to clean the class of health.

my mother to the school to see me alone in the classroom sweeping, mopping the floor, crying. I held my arm with a little muscle and said to her, "Mom, I don't care. I don't care if she hurts me. She looked at me in surprise. I asked her, "is your son cool?" she nodded. "Not only cool, but also thoughtful.

then she came a day after school to help me clean up. I asked her, "are you a reinforcement of justice?" she said, "mom must be on your side, you're not alone. "

to live up to you a

in my junior high school graduation, wouldn't have any high school grades. I was worried, with their own strength, even with the head hit the wall. My hunger strikes, sit INS, locked in the room,

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