Are these 10 types of "open" toys that are recommended by the American home care counselor?

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on the escape and his painting class a classmate about playdate (children play together), because it is the first time, I also went to visit each other's parents. My father is a surgeon, my mother is a psychiatrist, are the United States and the United States on the other side of high-income occupations. They have three children, the escape is the eldest brother, and a brother and a sister, are 3 years old and at the age of 5. I carefully visit their toys to see if there is no real, what fresh tall toy, not too many results, but a variety of express boxes piled up in one place, there are a lot of wood blocks, and a cabinet of Lego games.

took advantage of the children playing time, and I fled to the mother of the students talked about the day. It turned out that the same old age with my mother in the United States, in addition to being a psychiatrist, or a professional family counseling. I immediately opened the "one hundred thousand why" mode, seize the time to "consult" a.

talked a lot, which she said how to give the child to choose toys that impressed me deeply. In her view, for children, especially children under the age of 8, playing basically is their main business, so the election is very important to the toy. is the standard of good toys should be "Open-ended" (open), let the children have a lot of different ways, or there are many different strategies for the same kind of play, from the two aspects of the breadth and depth to inspire children's imagination, creativity and problem solving skills.

really is a connoisseur, crackling she said a lot, I just took out a small notebook listen and remember, as follows:


wood blocks, simple, good texture of wood blocks, a model of "open" toys that child can own imagination to build something different. A person can play, you can also discuss with a small partner to play, because it is simple enough, there is no rules, the child can create a lot of play.


doll is probably a lot of children, especially the little girl special love toys. But the mother stressed that the best choice of dolls give children choose several different colors, you can dress up is better. Let the children know that there are a lot of things in the world do not like him, dress is not the same person, to learn to accept and respect these different".

this is what I did not expect, perhaps because the United States is a country of immigrants, children will live in a multi color, multi-ethnic integration environment, so they pay special attention to this point. Now the rapid development of the country, but also attracted a large number of immigrants, especially in the North Canton such a big city, the subway will be able to meet every day race. The city even in the two or three line, the children outside to teach or international school or travel abroad, will also encounter a variety of other color friends of the same age, so advance training children "international consciousness" is very necessary.


kitchen tool material and tool set. It is important not to consciously choose the kitchen utensils for girls, boys choose a tool kit. In fact, they can help children begin to understand and master the basic skills to be used. So, don't use the inertia of thinking to limit our children in the future occupation or bear the responsibility in my family, in fact, many chefs are men, while the elite engineers have a lot of Oh girl.

what we need to do is to provide good material, let the children to experience life, find yourself.


"playing the ghost horse" is not only used on halloween. Dress props costumes, children should be an essential toy, the girls may like the princess, mermaid, while the boys favor racing car, spider man. If the conditions at home can get more of this kind of costumes, child buddies over also can play together, they discuss the plan, perhaps a self-directed stage is produced.

children have a lot of imagination, we can do is to provide more "play" material, let them in the imagination of the Empire gallop.


" almost all children love animal, simple and high quality rubber or plastic animal model is very good toys, whether farm animal, zoo animal or various dinosaurs, can let the children into a world full of imagination. A group of animals is a small society, children will spend a lot of time to "study" between them to get along, dialogue and struggle.


art creation is a door to open the imagination of children. Ready to brush, give children paint, a space free entry and many cardboard. Do not usually express boxes
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