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tiger sniffing note: because folk singer Zhao Lei attended the "singer" and a successful challenge, numerous media and media like to play with blood like Zhao Lei and not to mind taking the trouble to write, and the folk shenglayingche to public discussion. But in order to get a clear understanding of the folk thing, can be quantified using scientific methods, few and few. This is a list of. The text contained in the WeChat public number "super king," (ID:superwdk), author Wang Dengke, published by the author after authorized tiger sniffing.

listened to so many years of folk songs, I have a feeling that many songs are deja vu, but think carefully, and what the capital not up to, in order to understand this group of wandering in the motherland of the modern bard people are singing what, I did some data analysis work.

I selected about 30 coverage from the programmer, punk, gay to feminists, China Boyle, folk singer and band, to cover all the crowd of Muslims including Li Zhi, thirteen Zhao Lei, Song Dongye, Yao, Zhou Yunpeng, etc, in order to escape plan, set up a reference, I also took some of the other band, for example some of the old Wang Feng, Dou Wei, Pu Shu and some of the new Di Kuai, Xie Tianxiao, mirror, grass and so on the east.

I first wrote a crawler, it can according to all the songs singer or band name to automatically capture the singer, in order to ensure a balance, I just grab the top 50 songs, to be honest, most known singer song does not exceed this number.

, I got a small one hundred full lyrics file, mouse over can feel overflowed from the inside of the dramas, I feel sad for the next hit, write the code, I blew off a bottle of coke.

" next, I started on the lyrics (about 42 words) analysis.

is the first emotional analysis, based on the lyrics of Natural Language Processing, I know the different singers sing really is happy or unhappy things: the distribution of

compared to the average, but we can see that there are three categories, a the class is particularly happy, such as Hao Yun. But I began to also don't understand, why the train lost mood is so high, then listen to several times their songs, they found that although the singing miserably, but the song was full of positive energy, lost train lyrics appear in the highest number of three words were "forever" "good night" "stubborn, these are all positive emotion words. The second category is more sad, we are familiar with the force as the representative of the elder brother, their lyrics filled with loneliness, silence, tears and other words. It's not violent, but it's a little dark.

third is represented by Zhao Lei, was relatively calm, like a friend to tell you a story, neither too fast nor too slow, meanders, there are happy, some sad, but the overall sentiment tends to be the median. This may explain why Zhao Lei was so late to fire up the cause - the mood is more difficult to quickly give a strong impact. But in any case, good music will always be excavated.

based on a certain taste, I also analyzed the other style of music emotion:

folk mood is very rich, and pop rock is mostly negative, people say, no anger no rock, at least this is correct in emotional lyrics.

what season do you like best? Through the analysis of the lyrics, this problem can be solved:

" the spring appeared 81 times, 74 times in winter, summer and autumn each appeared in 70 and 47. Thus, the most popular is the spring and winter, the most popular is the fall. But I personally feel that autumn is good, an invigorating autumn climate, cheaper vegetables.

is the same, I also analyzed the most love singers of the city, the results are as follows:

" can see the north city completely defeated the South City, became the place where most sung in the lyrics, especially in Beijing, there were 81 times. When it comes to the first tier cities, people will say that the North Canton deep, but in the world of folk songs, Beijing is definitely not the existence of shaking. The southern city of Chengdu only reluctantly exposed sight. I'm happy to be a Chengdu man.

is difficult to understand, although the northern city singers but more gain a complete victory, but talking about "southern" rather than "North", "south" than the "North" appears about 5.7%.

" another question of interest is folk singer who is in look forward or back to the future, is the hope, or
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