Artificial intelligence doll came: character change

Toy dealer doll robot emotion

ITzhijia· 2017-02-09 02:15:57

doll manufacturer RealDoll will launch $10 thousand worth of artificial intelligence doll robot, the robot can establish emotional ties with the user.

" each "silicone dolls simulation" are true to life, skeletal and flexible, it takes 80 hours to the production process, and even has a custom organ and can change the face. In April of this year, RealDoll will release its sexual assistant mobile phone application Harmony AI, and next year to issue a simulation of the reality of the system. The company is located in the California San Marcos, 1996 engaged in doll production, its products are exported to countries around the world.

RealDoll CEO Matt Mike? Mullen (Matt McMullen) said in an interview: "we developed Harmony AI system is to enable the user to establish a new layer and simulation doll relationship. To a large extent, many customers, through their imagination, give the doll the ideal character. But with Harmony AI, customers can no longer rely on imagination, but can actually create these characters for the dolls. They can talk with their dolls, along with the accumulation of time, the simulation doll head AI can understand the customer through these interactions, thus creating an alternative relationship. "

"Malaysia Cameron also said that the dialogue between the simulation and doll carrying AI topics are not limited to, the user can set the character, different for the doll like kindness, sexy, shy, naive and clever can, and can choose the degree of expression these characteristics of the doll. Users can also use this phone application to replace the doll head, clothing and body. The Harmony system is also very competitive compared to the company's current sales on the market, although the

has not been proven. The virtual reality part works like a virtual reality head facility that allows you to watch the moon with your dolls. "We believe that this system also has a technology that will attract a group of people who do not want to build a close relationship with others, either through their own initiative or through situational training," said Mark.

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