Baby can play with plush toys?

Baby toys baby plush toys

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baby can play with toy of wool cloth with soft nap??

toy of wool cloth with soft nap is not suitable for three years before the baby to play, danger is very easy, say many bacteria are in the plush toys, toys now has a very large potential safety hazard, look at a variety of toys to the health stealth killer is what it. Toy

2. look feel. The internal filling material should be sufficient, soft, elastic, no smell.

3. see the seam. Toys on the seam should be firm, filling material shall be exposed from the seam in.

4. look hard components. Small parts such as the eyes, nose, mouth, small bell and other accessories should be strong, firm, no sharp edges, no burr, in the process of children playing is not easy to fall off.

internal filling quality of high and low, can grab handle make preliminary judgment. Particle foam sponge outsourcing as a filler, a PP cotton grip and pinch has obvious stratification, filler uneven distribution; sponge Bao Peng collodion, a PP cotton in the grip and pinch when degree of hardness, rebound velocity is too fast; Peng collodion than PP cotton in the grip and pinch when feel excellent, not easy to play, grip and pinch after have pits are obviously, filler uneven distribution.

plush toys cleaning? Salt soda can clean

plush toys because often contact with the children's skin, clean is very important. Experts offer several washing method: salt cleaning method, the dirty plush toys put into a plastic bag, add the right amount of salt and tied the saliva, straining shaking. A few minutes later, the toy is clean. Its principle is the use of salt, sodium chloride on the adsorption of dirt, because salt has a strong disinfection effect, not only to clean the toy, but also can effectively kill bacteria and viruses. < p > can also use baking soda cleaning method: the baking soda and dirty plush toys into a big plastic bag in, to fasten your pocket shook, slowly found plush toys become clean. Finally, because the adsorption of dust and soda powder into black, soda can take off. And, of course, also can use water washing, pay attention to the plush toy parts with sticky tape into your laundry in the laundry bag selection rubbing washing, prior to cleaning to the electronic element or a battery removed to prevent water damage. < p > toys maintenance seems to be safe and not detached, but the maintenance of good plush toys, can for the baby to provide security and avoid contaminated with mold, mites, can prolong the service life of the toy. Clean the toys after drying, with a clean comb or similar tools along the direction of the fur comb, so that their fur smooth, beautiful. With the large power steam iron hair gently reciprocating ironing, also has certain sterilization and decontamination effect.

all kinds of toy safety is what

1, ejection toys,

ejection toys that the toy itself can be the action of the external force of ejection, a parabolic motion or directly hit the target, such as a bullet in the toy gun and so on. < p > experts suggest that say all kinds of toy guns, water guns, and once in our country folk commonly used slingshot, bows and arrows, and now many families are some all DART toys etc.. Therefore, in order to let the child as far as possible from the dangers of ejection toys.

2, band rope toys (yo yo)

band rope toys refers to various tied a rope toys, including various belt rope accessories, yo yo.

experts suggest that the rope is very easy to wrap around the child's fingers or neck, a long time the light is caused by the end of the ischemic necrosis, weight can make the baby suffocation. Therefore, when selecting a rope toy, the rope length can not exceed the baby's neck circumference, the age of the child is best not to play with this type of rope toys.

5, smaller building blocks and other small accessories. Most of the material is plastic or metal, including buttons, coins and other common commodities, most of them small, bright colors, like kids very, therefore, the risk is bigger also.

expert tips. In peacetime to these toys can be put in a safe place, do not let the child easily get; in the child is not independent resolution which is a toy, which is food, be sure to avoid let the children come into contact with too small toys; in the selection of toys, to pay attention to the volume must be greater than the diameter of the children in the mouth before they can use to buy.

6, metal toys

metal as the main material, or all made of metal, corner of the hard, more burr, paint is likely to contain toxic substances.

expert tips, parents should be more careful, not recommended for children under the age of five to buy. First, many metal toys are more sharp, easy to cut the child's skin, resulting in injuries; second, some metal toys coated with enamel paint as a decoration, the enamel may contain some of the people there is harm to the body of heavy metals, such as lead, there are security risks.

7, not smooth toy

refers to the more hard materials, and surface and uneven, or sharp edges and corners toys.

expert tips, sharp toys can bruise or cut the child. It is recommended that parents do not give their children to buy toys are not smooth, followed by timely check the child is playing with toys, if found damaged, immediately repaired or eliminated.

8, children's toy car

is different in adult cars of a child with a running toy, variety, from the appearance, including two, three, four wheel, from the use of the method of self driving, there is also a need for with the help of external forces to promote the type.

expert tips, it is easy to stir the child's hair, shoes and other longer things, resulting in security risks. Toy car seat is not safe enough, even without a seat belt, cannot be well fixed children, easy to cause the child fall injuries. Therefore, the use of what kind of toy car, parents should be in the next guardian, to be in a flat safety ground, must not be driven into the road of public transport.

9, musical toys

through technical means and built-in equipment, can send out musical toys, the general use of battery as an energy source, a part of the toy can also with music to do some action.

expert tips, sound is too restless, whether or not the toy with a reliable battery.

in the choice of music to the baby toys, first of all, should choose a moderate voice, sweet and pleasant music toys. A big concert harm the baby's hearing, music is too noisy and will affect the child's mood; in addition, most of the music toys are with the battery as an energy source, these batteries can easily be baby to pull off, especially some button batteries, the danger of swallowed by children, so buy toys with battery to see battery box is a reliable screw fixation.

10, plush toys

with all kinds of chemical fiber, cotton, plush, short fiber and so on raw materials by tailoring, sewing process and the production of toys, because most of the filler, also known as stuffed toys.

expert tips, is a great hidden danger. Naughty children often holding a toy of wool cloth with soft nap sleep, will take the toy of wool cloth with soft nap biting play, is likely to produce such as respiratory infections and other diseases, but also a serious cause bronchospasm, cough and asthma, and some children will appear eczema and other skin allergies.

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