Tsui Hark is the "Westward Journey manuscript" beautiful demon volts!

Tsui Hark manuscript reason expression

juziyule· 2017-02-09 05:41:09

often see Tsui Hark movie people know that he is a "cartoonist hundred-percent".

early in the "Westward Journey" demon volts promotional period, broke a piece of work, Stephen Chow and Tsui Hark discuss the plot in the walls of the manuscript storyboard before. Although both sides of the wall are covered with paper, people familiar with the matter say it's just the tip of the iceberg.

as director Tsui Hark firmly of the film every part of him every day in the painting studio to write, think of yourself in the scene presented in the manuscript.


" to see the manuscript of Tsui Hark like read "journey to the west" demon volts comics, he will draw each action figures.

" even subtle expression ↓

" in addition to draw a good shooting script for the film, in the film, almost every scene of the Tsui Hark will first play, to make adjustments to the actor.

+ Tsui Hark tens of thousands of manuscripts of a powerful and unconstrained style the imagination and pay, which makes "the west" has become a demon volts praise than criticism of the film.

" for the film Tsui Hark painting the storyboard habit has been maintained for many years, almost every movie to find his manuscripts.

"Di Renjie" of God are the Dragon King ↓

"Flying Swords of Dragon Gate &darr";


"tiger" ↓

the last sentence if you do not do the director, Tsui Hark should be a super powerful cartoonist!

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