Lin Miaoke in the play! Changes in the value of the face as cosmetic?

Lin Miaoke character child style

tanzi· 2017-02-09 05:41:20

Lin Miaoke seldom perform, almost no road in front of the audience, but all of her attention has never been reduced, today is still the hot search second above hang

" this year's exam time again, although Lin Miaoke applied for Nortel but, being caught on camera or when the test in the show, although the bright green scarf or sexy, but did not wear the clothes out of order aunt, actually think she values Yan rejuvenation!

" just look at the face if the feeling is still very beautiful ah, white skin, big eyes, eyes shining quite valuable

" look, still a little when beauty, his eyes are still very Ling

" seems like a dress for the whole effect is a volume like ah, only a little bit less is the face plate a little, photogenic than others suffer ah

" even with masks, the forehead than on the edge of other sisters to a wide circle of

as the representative of long residual star, before Lin Miaoke's style was wandering like this, red scarf an unspeakable Street director

" to go to a beach, painting and other stars are completely different, all only pay attention to her stomach

also goes through this 80s and 90s style dress, where is it like a young teenage girl?

" and the

" but the brightly coloured collocation also is better than wearing such dress temperament abandoned aunt … &hellip

Lin Miaoke who has been linked with long residual label, but now it seems she except slightly fatter, clothing aesthetic cadres wind, looks foundation is still very good, laugh quite pure

. With graduation examination is a simple, elegant red skirt, let people seem to see that in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on the little girl

, admitted to study vocal music performance, but Lin Miaoke still learning calligraphy. Grandpa Lin Kai is a contemporary calligrapher, calligraphy with small Lin Miaoke

said she was born literary family is also no problem, after all, a calligraphy home home, Lin Miaoke was taught the calligrapher's grandfather

now works very presentable, the new year will write "

family and versatile blessing, if Lin Miaoke in the university to learn in plastic surgery to lose weight, dress up, may to counter attack.

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