Trump Victories: Intel announced a $7 billion plant

Dollars Intel Trump victory

diyicaijingribao· 2017-02-09 05:43:02

Trump's "mouth" to acquire the latest results, Intel announced that it will invest $7 billion to build in the state of Arizona. Intel

CEO Brian Krzanich on Wednesday with President Trump at the White House, then issued two press conference announced that Intel will invest $7 billion to set up factories in Arizona, the factory is expected to employ 3000 people.

new plant will be located in Chandler,, will have nearly 10000 people to support the plant. Intel CEO confirmed that the investment will be completed in the next 3-4 years. The company will first complete the previous code Fab 42 factory, and then vacant.

the plant will produce 7 nm chips, the company CEO Brian Krzanich said at a press conference, this will be the most powerful chip on the planet". It also said that Intel's main production is carried out in the United states. "The United States has a unique talent, vibrant business environment and the opportunity to enter the global market, which makes us companies like Intel to promote economic growth and create the" invention ", our factory support jobs - high wage, high-tech manufacturing jobs will be the engine of economic growth, Brian Krzanich said in a statement.

White House said it would not offer incentives to Intel.

Trump came to power after the pressure has been on the technology companies, it will be transferred to overseas jobs back to the United states. More than 100 technology companies signed a joint statement against Trump's travel ban on Muslims, Intel is one of them.

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