How will the central bank reverse repurchase affect us?

Central bank reverse repurchase bank risk

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" recently, more and more financial experts Master 360 by the financial financial channels to share their wealth of experience is valuable, faced with a large number of articles every day, into 360 small series can not help but want to give you a row key, select some simple and practical from the financial point of view, not routine, as long as the dry cargo. Spend five minutes a day to master some financial strategies, it is worth! The characteristics of

financial fraud (1) known as a new model, the world's leading, but all of the Ponzi scheme, have the characteristics of MLM, higher income, better every day at the same time in order to prove the dividend income is reliable, will own model of how advanced packaging. (2) continue to create good use of the media campaign. For example, last year, a large group of Shanghai, it is known that they have a red background, to start a bank immediately, with the media to marketing hype. (3) play the emotional card, so that members of the immune system, while continuing to give new dreams. They will be a variety of external accusations, exposure, family members are persuaded to persuade the way to resolve, instilled into the victim. View original >>

reverse repurchase impact on the investment market

(1) bond market, bad. Monetary easing, bond strength; monetary tightening, the bond market weakness; (2) the money market, good. Due to the high interest of commercial banks to borrow money from the central bank, some commercial banks are likely to borrow money through the money market, so the proceeds of the fund will be higher; (3) the stock market, bad. The reverse repo rate increased, the release of the monetary tightening signal, to a certain extent will curb the flow of funds in stock and property markets; (4) gold mixed. In theory, interest rates rise against gold, but interest rates also increased the risk of economic downturn, while the economic downturn is favorable for gold. For example, see the original >>

on the illusion of compound

, the first 10 years, investors continued year after year profit of 15%; second investors before 9 years of sustained profitability in 25%, but the last 1 years of losses 50%. Which compound is higher? In fact, the second investors seem to perform better, but the compound yield of only 14.1% in the year of 10. Thus, to maintain high levels of interest is extremely difficult, and significant loss to compound will have great harm, excessive profit, small losses on long-term interest also has a huge impact. View original >>

money three Dan

first stage: Revenue - expenses = savings, typical groups: moonlight clan. Financial advice: the fund is scheduled to vote. The second stage: income - expenditure savings =, typical groups: slaves, will now begin to pay attention to the cost, to avoid impulse consumption. Recommendations are: there is a deposit to begin to contact financial products. The third stage: income = income + active passive income, the typical ethnic groups, the Charter: petty. The proposal is to form a virtuous cycle, in the case of relatively stable spending, so that revenue increases, the assets into the snowball model. >>

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