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Star business logic behind

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entertainment era that the stars had detached the traditional category, the dual attributes of star entertainment and commercialization of them in between business and entertainment and maneuvers, with ease. The traditional sense of the endorsement has not enough to persuade fans to buy more effectively, and to "experience officer", "content officer" and "XX," in the form of entry of a company seems to have more special significance. With

capital and makes the star star "entry" into a star "into the capital," one word behind the deep meaning of a lot of it from one side that the combination of star and capital let star economy has a new form of expression. The real interpretation of the popular niche Luhan and clean capital joint venture capital is the phenomenon of the Han qing. With the help of Luhan as entertainment stars have strong traffic advantages, using its powerful attraction in young users, through investment projects to lead the young user lifestyle changes in the economy become the star of a special form of the current. Although

Luhan investment "Darling" project has been questioned in yellow, but the flow of value and consumption brought about by the star capital of the leading role is still worth us to explore and research. Today, we take a look at the commercial logic behind the star capitalization.

star behind the value of the flow of capital operation to depth of

in the traditional sense of investment just to stay in the capital level, whether for project investment, is likely to see BP, for investment projects can eventually succeed, depends largely on the development of investment projects. Shallow in the capital not only so many projects lost more and more depth of strong support, and let the capital "investment management" is missing. This simply rely on the investment project itself to develop the logic of capital profit has apparently unable to adapt to the demand of the capital market, if the capital investment in a project is the project of "Fu on the horse, then, by star capitalization can bring more traffic and commercial value for investment projects what ultimately" a trip to "the purpose. A signal

star capital to Luhan as the representative of the capital investment is only a shift in the way it is hidden behind its capital market is undergoing the undercurrent. Let the capital have more value, change the capital injection, investment projects are still facing difficulties in the development of the problem, in addition to money, to give more help to investment projects. A different from the traditional era of capital operation has come.

for start-up projects in terms of traffic dilemma has always been the biggest obstacle to their development. By virtue of the strong body of the flow of the value of the capital, the diversion of capital investment projects, will be able to solve the biggest problem facing startups. In order to Luhan to participate in the investment "Darling" project as an example, only one of his "Hi, darling" micro-blog is easily "Darling" APP guide 1 million. This is the direct embodiment of the star effect, to get the investment is still facing the predicament of the development of start-ups is undoubtedly a drought every rain".

star flow value is only one aspect of the depth of capital operation. With the star's consumer appeal, through the consumption of capital to achieve the realization of the capital is the ultimate goal of deep operation. Capital investment projects to achieve the final goal is to achieve the profitability of the project, and the leading role with the star in the consumer side to open investment projects difficult "from 0 to 1" is a good choice.

star capital flow value and commercial value of the star to get the maximum degree of play, and its combination with the capital so that the star + capital model has become a new model of capital under the cold winter. Take the star with the flow as the starting point, the direction of consumption as a result of the end of the capital, the logic of innovation so that the success of the project from the capital closer, the path of capital realization is shorter. The era of deep capital operation may have arrived.

star to star capital economy has more connotation

the traditional sense of the star economy could only stay in the filming, endorsements, entertainment etc. in the more traditional level, and with the joint realization of star and capital, with the capital investment projects, combined with the stars and find new things, then let the star a new cash channel. This new channel is realized more and new forms of communication and lifestyle have deep contact, because the new channel is based more on the Internet end let star economy can make up for the drawbacks of traditional channels over reliance on film and television, establish the whole system of star economy realized.

star economy channel is realized from the traditional media and new media channels and channels to transfer shows the future star of the economy will be a more solid and comprehensive, maximum and different channels open and link will help to realize the value of the stars. Star capitalization is a key step to build a three-dimensional, comprehensive star economy. Before the entry into the star endorsement, after taking Luhan as the representative of the stars involved in capital investment, a comprehensive new channel

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