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Mei Trump Rania sued the British "Daily Mail", said the report greatly reduced her business opportunities. Sina

stocks 9 am Beijing time New York Times - U.S. first lady Trump has sued the British Mei Rania gossip newspaper "Daily Mail", said the newspaper reported that her company bear huge losses. This once again raises questions about how President Trump deals with the relationship between public and family business. On Monday, Mrs. Trump sued the daily mail in a New York court, accusing her of a report last year that constituted a libel in the

. The agency reported Mrs. Trump service in the last century in 90s to provide sexual escort service. The

did not mention the White House or Trump, not even Mrs. Teater Ron F identity at the time as a presidential candidate's wife, but said Mei Rania's ability to "launch includes many categories of commercial brands, each category has the opportunity to obtain long-term, millions of dollars worth of business".

" in the indictment, May Rania as "the world's most photographed one woman, and that her brand because the report was" huge losses ", and lost a lot of business opportunities, the loss amounted to $150 million. Mrs Trump's spokeswoman said she did not want to make money as a first lady.

Trump had resisted the criticism of the conflict of interest between his public and business. He arranged his adult son to take over the business, not to deliver the asset to the secret trust. On the same day, the White House revised the official website of the information about Mrs. Trump. Prior to her introduction on suspicion of her jewelry brand publicity and complaints.

's Daily Mail published an article about Mrs. Trump in August 20th last year, citing a magazine in Slovenia and a book about her. Slovenia is the home of Mrs. Trump. She and her agent were short, and the report was wrong.

9 1, Mrs. Trump sued the daily mail in Maryland County, Montgomerie. The same day, the newspaper published an article to withdraw the relevant remarks. Last week, Maryland court dismissed the case, saying he had no jurisdiction. The new allegations against the British Mail Media, which operates the daily mail website. The new case has been filed with the Supreme Court of Manhattan, where the company has offices.

Mrs. Trump also sued a Maryland blogger Tapley (Webster Tarpley). He has published a similar quote from the daily mail. The case has been closed on Tuesday. Trump's lawyer, Harder, said Mr. Tapley had said in a statement that he had agreed to pay "a considerable sum of money" to Mrs. Trump".

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