Stir the 1/3 Chinese population, why is the fastest?

Then Chinese population finance

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" - to be listed?

yesterday, the media quoted the TechCrunch reported that the plan quickly in late 2017 listed in the u.s.. Before the car home CFO clock Yiqi joined quickly and served as CFO is an important signal, deputy editor before the NetEase had light years ago as deft partner. All the signs indicate that hand in preparation for listing.

- Official quickly issued a statement denying that this is not true. "At the current stage, the main goal is to enhance the product experience, quickly continued to serve more people".

any news about quickly can cause hot, around the company always keep the topic.

for example, then why the fire? This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions about the Internet in 2016. As a high

sprang out in the crowd, suddenly the fire too quickly. The logic of thinking in the new year's founder Luo Zhenyu said in a speech, "when we talked about BAT, suddenly there is a software fire, we suddenly discovered that the original application of Chinese fourth flow is fast. When we are reading sensible, zhirenlunshi, we do not know there is a platform already so big. "How big is

? In May 2015, then will be sitting on 100 million users, 8 months after the number exceeded 300 million. Now quickly with 400 million users, has become the largest Chinese short video community, more and more people regard it as the WeChat, QQ and micro-blog fourth big social platform.

is more important, the company has long been sought after by the capital market. Morningside capital, Sequoia and other VC have invested, Baidu, followed by Chinese culture. According to the new financial record, quick valuation has reached $2 billion, is an invisible unicorn. Had the opportunity to invest in the interior of today's headlines founder Zhang Yiming said, miss is their strategic mistakes quickly.

but to open quickly, though the content in the Tencent, Youku and other rare sites. Less than 1 minutes of video is all concentrated red river town countryside style, singing girl, big mouth chewing ice pepper village aunt meng...... If the video is pushed on the popular, take hundreds of thousands of hits easily.

"Ma" event fermentation, many users quickly went to the field shooting platform. Platform found inappropriate, soon banned related content. But there are still a lot of hot rub to live or short video platform, "Ma" father called "fast". The term has roots in rural areas. The

for the interpretation of deft and cast a mist. Video of the characters and scenes away from the Internet to the north of the birthplace of Canton, there are voices to comment on its non mainstream, and even no flow". In June 2016, a "brutal bottom story: a video software Chinese rural truth" article by author Dr. X describes the scraper, hand a absurd behavior of the rural populations, people eat fried in these foreign bodies, all kinds of fancy crotch, masochistic. Overnight, more quickly to the question, why such a platform will produce tidal swept desert like magic? What is its fulcrum leveraging 400 million users?

a spring festival reporter in a small town in Inner Mongolia for a few days, she quickly found can sweep 400 million Chinese, one very important reason is the resurrection of the rural cultural products. In the past in her hometown of popular folk drama ", because the board is not large and television performances in good taste, often in the street of the grassroots team performing arts. "When the screen becomes the mainstream entertainment of the masses, take the township town gradually fade out life channeling performance become a memory, just let them quickly revitalized. "

may not be the result of the founders' intent. He will know quickly broke out, but did not expect to be in this position. In addition to outside all sorts of questions, he is more urgent is the three or four line of the city, gathered a large user, he how to make quick money? "Natural growth" at the

China Sequoia Capital Fund Managing Director Cao Xi for the first time the trial quickly won't stop. In the video, the boy carrying a girlfriend to walk normally, the girl suddenly turned over, two people playing a kiss. He couldn't help pushing his cell phone to his colleague". Every day from morning till night, he could spend half an hour in the hand. There's no need to look at BP (business plan), and he feels like he has to meet the founder of the company.

2014 in May, Beijing, Changan, the first floor of the cafe, Cao Xi met the founder of the Chinese and the process of a smile. Both are engineers, two hours are talking about product ideas. At the time, quickly from a GIF drawing tool to make a transition of social video but one year, only a few million users, 500 thousand day live, but Cao Xi from a quick sniff out "right" taste, he concluded that the number of users a day sooner or later will be expanded. Soon, Sequoia gives investment intentions.

had turned out for a quick interpretation of novelty and reality of winning, because of strong contrast, causing the user's peep psychology. Do product manager Cao Xi said in the Tencent, quickly is the second Internet products he knew would attract three or four line city and rural population with spontaneous content. In other words, too many Internet products at the beginning of the neglect of this part of the user.

- official data is given

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