Merkel shattered the myth, the French election in an emergency! What about Europe

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haoqixinribao· 2017-02-09 05:43:25

2017 just opened in Europe, the political turmoil in Germany: ten years of "the Merkel myth" burst, the French election is frequently in an emergency, so that the French go in Europe off the edge of the cliff.

ten years, German politics first show signs of German Chancellor Angela Merkel may have lost the election: according to the number of the poll results 1~2 months in Germany, the chairman of the party for the SPD (SPD) for the first time in the polls against super Merkel under the leadership of the CDU (CDU), and Merkel himself in the polls are also significantly behind the new SPD party chairman Schultz, that if the German election held in February, Merkel's fourth term may be lost.

in France, the French Republican presidential candidate Fillon in the "empty gate" scandal deeper and deeper. From "just Tongsu at a press conference after the French media lynching", the media broke again Fillon's wife Penelope also brought high as 45 thousand euros in compensation. Fillon's road accident blocked the French far right national front leader Bon had once again bullish, fear will enter the second round of the French election in the first place, and Merkel defeated in the election of Bon to the EU caused really immeasurable.

Germans tired of Merkel

German general election will be held in September 24th this year. The former chairman Gabriel has long been the "popularity" of the German people in between, for many years the poll slump, does not have anything to do with Merkel for the position of prime minister may. However, an election year, President of the German high gram stay for advanced in age and prestige in Germany than people in the High German former foreign minister Steinmeier (Frank-Walter Steinmeier) with the president. The

mutation had left the Party saw the Fanpan hope: Gabriel stepped down as chairman of the party and served as German Foreign Minister post, the SPD decisive shake, specially appointed for the 2017 election to resign before the European Parliament Speaker Schultz as party president, and Merkel play together.

is only 10 in Yu Tian, this effect is immediate, and the emergence of the "Schultz effect": in the German television station ARD, INSA and other important poll polls showed, the SPD support rate and Schultz's support rate also increased significantly. In the reign of Gabriel, even if the SPD support rate, his support rate will not rise too much.

INSA poll: since mid January 2017 the German parties to support the rate change of

ARD poll, such as Germany immediately for the general election, Schultz will get 50% of the vote, while Merkel only received 34% votes, while the SPD can get 28% of the vote, the growth of data 8% last month; and Merkel led the CDU will get 34% votes, 3% less than last month, but the good news is that Schultz's return to the people of Germany option party support rate continues to decline, polls show support for the party option rate continued to decline 3% to about 12%.

and INSA in the polls, the SPD won the support rate of 31%, has exceeded the CDU and CSU Coalition Party (CDU/CSU) 30%, which is 10 years since the ruling Merkel, the SPD in the polls in rare support rate than the CDU, the support rate increased about 10% since January 23rd. In addition to including the polling agency Emnid poll also corroborated the SPD support rate rebounded sharply above trend in the polls.

INSA poll: SPD (SPD) for the first time to overtake Merkel under the leadership of the CDU (CDU

) at the same time, are more likely to contribute to the German government reshuffle is, if the Social Democratic Party, the left party and the greens three support rate of the total sum the support rate has reached 48%, such as the Left Party's support rate continues to rise, the SPD can throw open the cabinet ldk.

Social Democratic Party senior party (Johannes Kahrs) Carlsberg said: "now Merkel as of 1998 Cole (1982 ~1998 ruling CDU Prime Minister), people want to see a new face.

Germany's populist newspaper "picture" in the form of questions to ask: "Germany tired of Merkel? "

Schultz resigned from Brussels to return to Germany to politics, and try to become a challenge of German Chancellor Merkel, after Merkel Schultz does not support all action in Brussels, according to the British" Financial Times "reported, which is why Schultz gave Merkel the nickname called privately" black widow "reasons.

but in front of outsiders, Merkel is good for Schultz. Compared with Europe, many family politicians, Schultz is a German NRW town of ordinary people's booksellers. At the time of his first appearance at the EU summit, French President Sarkozy did not look at the speaker of the house of representatives from a small town, and spoke loudly to the rest of Europe when Mr Schultz spoke. Merkel was half joking, half joking, "Nicholas, shut up. "

Schultz's power does not change the position of Germany in the European Union, will not change

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