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"on the market without the product of the withdrawal of the withdrawal, the customs clearance, and the. "Baidu chairman Robin Li in February 7th February 8th put down the words, speed up internal cleaning". February 8th news, Baidu overall delivery of O2O relates to the abolition of the medical department. It is reported that Baidu

surgery, internal medical department has overall abolition, but do not know whether to merge departments after the abolition is not clear, the relevant departments of the specific arrangements for the follow-up. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter on the way to ask Baidu, the relevant person in charge, no comment".

it is understood that Baidu mobile medical division was established in January 2015, the main business by way of O2O joint domestic hospital registration appointment, etc., in addition to the delivery of drugs related to direct business.

in the February 7th exposure of the Robin Li new year inside the letter, Robin Li stressed the importance of repeatedly: "be out of doors to clean the market competitiveness of products. If you can't do it, don't mix up there. The withdrawal of the withdrawal, the clearance on the clearance, and the. Resources to focus on our strategic and strategic projects.

it is understood that Baidu mobile medical layout has three main aspects: online inquiry Baidu doctor, doctor, medicine, fun thumb health care network; a direct drug pharmaceutical business; Dulife intelligent equipment. This relates to the abolition of the

medical department in the internal performance of Baidu is not good. In addition to the internal lack of market competitiveness, industry analysts said that Baidu does not rule out the abolition of medical division last year by the "Wei Zexi incident" and other medical related events. In September last year, Robin Li admitted that because of medical events (Wei Zexi incident), Baidu cut a quarter of 2 billion yuan in revenue.


but the abolition of the medical services department does not mean that Baidu no longer wading medical field. In fact, the abolition of the Department more reaction of Baidu architecture combing ideas.

is still in the medical case, and after Baidu is targeting artificial intelligence. On the one hand to open large data engine based access information, the use of large data and Baidu brain data processing. On the other hand, through the mobile health platform and smart wearable devices to record people's health data.

Robin Li has repeatedly expressed the role of artificial intelligence in the medical industry. In his new year's internal letter, for example, gene sequencing, if we can through the artificial intelligence method of combining medical knowledge, find the answer is also a big breakthrough. For example, the development of new drugs, how to use artificial intelligence technology to find new drugs, these things are still very very early, but in the end these things may be able to make a difference.

this action had been a lot of Baidu, in September last year, Baidu deep learning laboratory director Lin Yuanqing introduced the main direction of Baidu artificial intelligence, UAV project was cut off widely favored by the industry, Lin Yuanqing explained: "UAV is indeed a very good project, but we had confused the issue is how to Xinjiang and competition, because we do not produce. After the study, that this piece of market value is not large. Now although the UAV project has been cut, but before the accumulation of technology can still be used elsewhere, but the direction is not the same. "Verified by

trade-offs ideas where Ctrip merger in October 2015: the total voting rights where Ctrip access to about 45%, while Baidu also through the sale of shares where to go for 25% of the total voting rights of ctrip. Earlier in July 2015, Baidu announced that Baidu takeaway and 91 separate desktop development, when it was revealed that there are other more than and 10 projects ready to open to outside investors.

now, the split of business also includes homework help (online education platform), Baidu video (video aggregation service), Baidu music (with music, literature (too) is the perfect world Baidu Holdings) and other projects, even Baidu has been selling rumors among the game.

more heavy news is February 2016, Robin Li and Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu offer Iqiyi plans to buy Baidu held 80.5% of the shares of Iqiyi, which means that as an important business video services, Iqiyi from Baidu stripping. Although the price did not tanlong, Iqiyi privatization eventually terminated, but Baidu sort of business architecture ideas increasingly clear. The

was split or the sale of the business are not completely cut off ties with Baidu, but Baidu gave up the initiative, to control by the business management team or the third party, Baidu as a strategic investor and partner role, give capital, flow of resources into, rather than control the daily operation.


from the "Wei Zexi incident" scandal to Baidu vice president Wang Zhan was expelled, "Prince Li Mingyuan resigned the personnel turmoil, 2016 for Baidu is difficult. The biggest challenge is to rely on search engine marketing business model has been questioned.

precisely because of this, Baidu eager to quickly revitalize the image. From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, Baidu executives ushered in Li Jing, Lu Qi, Liu Wei and many other industry and entrusted with the task of a person with breadth of vision. In addition to senior executives, after the organizational framework

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