Ruby Lin makeup photo Alec Su postpartum January look good.

Postpartum Ruby Lin Su Yan Alec Su

3Gmenhuyule· 2017-02-09 06:50:57


entertainment in February 8 reported according to Taiwan media reports, Ruby Lin before the Lunar New Year upgraded when mom, concentrate on confinement over more than a month later, Kelly Lin gradually find bestie talk, February 8th went to the sisters Vivian Hsu talk by the mother, not only that, even for a long time did not fit with Alec Su [micro-blog] into the mirror box, set off a sensation!

February 8th Vivian Hsu drying out the photo and Ruby Lin, Alec Su in the face of the book, the picture you can see her wearing a black hat gentleman, happy than a V gesture, just gave birth to children Ruby Lin still look rosy, 2 people standing in front of a photo, although all makeup, have a child, but frozen the age of beauty is still very well maintained.

fans even more surprising is that Alec Su for a long time not seen in the photo, wearing the green glasses, holding a red envelope, childish on his face is still not changed. Vivian Hsu Alec Su said it was funny to visit, is to "listen to our mother", praising: "it will not listen to the mother of the man, it is new good man ah! Ruby Lin also message humor response: Uncle main task is to send a red envelope! "

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Ruby Lin makeup photo Alec Su postpartum January look good.

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