No one dared to copy the Russian channel show!

Russia upgraded version reality program

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added careful into, but you know that you will not be able to bear in the orange.

on the two day in the B station, a file from the "battle of the nation," the Russian special psychic fire program, it is called the Battle of Psychics (the war of the shaman). The thought of the Chinese TV screen has not seen a similar program for a long time, and the orange gentleman can not help but to Amway to you.

right, why say for a long time? Because in the orange Jun impression, have seen the most mysterious China program is the "scientific approach", what Changbai Mountain Tianchi, secret vegetable circle mystery … … it is the shadow of childhood!

back to fight the nation's "war of the shaman", the current program has been broadcast to the seventeenth quarter, a total of more than and 280 sets of. But it is not only the secret to those supernatural events, but a kind of athletic talent show.

is the rules of the game, each season will invite about 13 channels, also known as a medium, and then allow them to withstand various tests. According to the performance of the psychic, each episode will be eliminated one player, the customs clearance will become the champion of the season. The

B station has a complete, but almost all meat without subtitles, orange Jun said a little sad … … only to find some subtitles or talk on the technology, to tell you.

" to race every psychic are capable of amazing, looking for bombs use psychic powers mission, this one can feel the bomb range by thought.

the psychic holds a crystal in her hand, and she's looking for the bomb on the crystal.

finally found the bomb hidden in a person's shoulders bag. My mother, this is God's … …

and this one, named Alexander, was a lot of Chinese audience called God, later said with orange Jun.

he also found the bomb, the bomb is a ghost told him.

( link to the bomb picture from Li Yi @xxxxxxxxu441, this time not hate his own Russian orange king!)

this is not God, orange Jun found a "psychic" battle of the fire fragment in YouTube, the test is this:

program group invited Russian singer Alexander Rybak (Alexander · Ruibaike) as a guest. Every one of them do not know the premise of his identity, standing in front of Ruibaike blindfolded, and rely on their own spiritual speculation about his identity and related information.

first psychic play, she said Ruibaike very love to laugh, I was in contact with a variety of musical instruments, guitar, piano, is also very good at music.

" to see this many Ruibaike brother smile, that psychic right.

second is a psychic puffing away uncle, he saw Ruibaike sunshine smile on the other side, Ruibaike experienced the pain of parting, and he grew up in single parent families of children.

" well, guess it right!

third psychic even blindfolded guess Ruibaike brother's identity and name.

" if these psychics really are totally unaware of the situation in guess, the king can only give them orange knee … … p>

for the example above is the first task of programs, and truly make psychic researchers to flex its muscles, test, or real supernatural events analysis.

the name of this event is "nightmare", the heroine's parents went abroad to live, and she was alone in the house. The actress said that her heart often beat violently, but also feel that the house is always something to jump out.

female friends in sleep also think someone pulled her legs, after waking up, found myself was moved to the side of the wall.

isn't that sleepwalking?

sometimes, in the cupboard
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