Country love 11 years, they all became a net red aunt

Love can enter aunt village

tanzi· 2017-02-09 06:51:17

Spring Festival this year, did not see the uncle fat friends, only punctured the "country love 9" comfort laughing mood, allow me to thank a Chinese people cooing over dance town end

"country love" series launched in 2006 now almost 11 years, are played to the ninth season, ivory village four families of men and women around the uncle, played a long rivalry clutch, called Chinese most down to earth the "Friends" (also known as Country Love Story, referred to as CLS)

" in view of the fact that many young fat friends a few before the season to overtake, a relationship between the characters spectrum, feel Ivory Villa Perplexing love and hate "img_box

" recently "guardian of beauty" hit, Li Xiaolu blew a lead country socialite wind, plays in the world with a variety of grandiose, northeast old women love love love blinblin gold mink. I have the northeast rural "img_box"

bloodline can not lose to the small girl ah, "country love 9" back, let you see the northeast old aunt's most fashionable fashion fashion!

fifth sets, Liu can complain about a wife not his eyes staring unwinding ordered, no young juicy, mouth pale

stimulated Liu Yingniang himself go to the supermarket to buy a lipstick tube. The first time I heard that there is a cry of "red color Chinese" (perennial grass lipstick I only heard of the Russian Red OK), this is cast on the variable red lantern rhythm ah

" and the price is also very touching, only 8 dollars. 8 dollars to buy can not buy fooled also suffer, but you can buy yellow women's dignity!

home to wear lipstick, the results obtained can surprise to Liu stuttering praise, good-looking! The epoch-making than men in the hearts of the goddess xiedajiao!

a lipstick, sweet love!

Liu Yingniang immediately Meitu Xiu Xiu self a PO to the circle of friends, ha ha ha ha ha Zhaosi wife summary is very in place, after all, in the eyes of ordinary people, the lipstick is divided into two colors, eating a dead child with nothing to eat

think Liu Yingniang lipstick bun images are about ecstasy!

" Zhaosi daughter-in-law also tempted, immediately ran to the supermarket to buy lipstick. Aunt Wang has come up with a 3CE cream apricot, and only 8 yuan! The estimated 3CE manufacturers to see the blood!

" Wang Yungen husband Liu big head told two aunt buy lipstick thing, the husband also tried to persuade her lipstick, lipstick seems not only to conquer a woman conquer the universe man, whether you are a professor from the stars or from ivory villa Liu big head

" then the wife Xie Guang Kun also saw Liu Yingniang's circle of friends, immediately touched the lipstick, but also incidentally boast a mouth Meitu Xiu Xiu

a crooked mouth, Xie Guangkun is worthy of the title since the 9 quarter of the audience has been most want Neng dead skunk ah, what can have to go above the conspiracy theory "img_box"

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