America's most expensive mansion! Worth $250 million

Dollar the United States mansion value

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China daily in February 8 Xinhua comprehensive media reports, the famous master Bruce handbag · Marco Chaikefusiji recently launched his great work the rest of life for a value of $250 million (about 1 billion 700 million yuan) of the custom house.

reported that the mansion is located in the United States Losangeles beilaier Road No. 924, covers an area of 38 thousand square feet (3530 square meters), with 17 thousand square feet of entertainment platform, housing at the top of a helicopter landing pad. The mansion includes 2 master bedroom suites, 10 large VIP VIP suites, 21 Deluxe bathrooms, 3 kitchens, 5 bars, 1 massage spa, fitness center, senior 85 feet (about 26 meters) of the swimming pool, can accommodate 40 people 4K Dolby panoramic sound theater, 4 Lane bowling alley / lounge, car collection room, there are 7 full-time employees, more than and 100 pieces of fine art, outdoor theater, 2 hydraulic projection full wine cellar and filled with every kind of candy candy wall, and the most intelligent Home Furnishing technology system.

in addition, the house also has a collection of Makovsky worth $300 thousand (about 2 million 60 thousand yuan) of luxury cars, including the 1930 convertible and the sports car in twenty-first Century. At the same time, the tycoon has 130 works of art.

Makovsky said that only 3000 of the world's rich can afford this house. Although the real estate agency believes that the sale of this house is a bit tricky, but Makovsky said that the big house for those who like to enjoy the home entertainment. Some people are too busy to enjoy their lives and explore new things.

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