Changzhou, a hotel indecent video police involved in the investigation

Changzhou police hotel video

xiandaikuaibaoquanmei· 2017-02-09 06:58:56

Modern Express News (correspondent Zhang Liang reporter Ge Xiaolin) recently, Changzhou local network broke out, a restaurant in Liyang actually play indecent video, attracted onlookers. Modern Express reporter learned from the Liyang police, the hotel play indecent video case. Currently, the police are further investigation.

" Modern Express reporter from the forum to see, known as Chan interest of users said that around 4 in the afternoon, a city on the river floor in celebration of a public occasion, video playback brush love action fragment burst many netizens in Liyang circle of friends. "You can clearly see from the video, a celebration floor outside of the screen, is playing in Europe" series "love action movies, outside the comings and goings of passers-by, with the children after the young mother didn't dare to look up, took the child to leave. Posted on the net is also equipped with a picture, you can see the hotel lobby on the TV there are indecent lens.

2" in the afternoon of 8 March, Liyang police "on the river city hotel the occurrence of television celebration indecent video hall bulletin. Police said the police received a report from the masses, the rapid development of work. After preliminary investigation, the hotel is LETV celebration floor using smart card sets, support a variety of ways to play the screen cast, indecent video people use mobile devices to connect the TV screen play by vote.

police said that the current specific behavior, the police are further investigation.

(editor Wang Peng)

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