2 cigarettes +300 yuan! 5 village flies greed case

Village bulletin cigarette case

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" in accepting 2 cigarettes, demanded 300 yuan in cash, he probably did not expect that one day will lead to the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the "attention" of … … in February 8th, the Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline inspection focused on the 5 village flies greed case. In 2016, Anhui province a total of 13 batches of 69 unwholesome tendencies and corruption against the interests of the masses by name exposure. Unwholesome tendencies and corruption

2 8 Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission informed the 5 cases against the interests of the masses are: Lieshan Town, Lieshan District of Huaibei city

Green Valley Community Village Cadres by Wei Benzhi grant of returning farmland to forest issues. Wei Benzhi use his position to facilitate the expropriation of farmland subsidies 6647.5 yuan. Wei Benzhi by the party a serious warning, discipline was confiscated.

Sixian heita Zhen Chen Wei village Party branch secretary Bao Shengqiang chinakayao problem. Bao Shengqiang for the villagers in the process of guaranteeing the minimum value of 900 yuan to receive $two cigarettes; for the villagers to handle the account of the machine, ask for cash of $300. Bao Shengqiang by the party warning, discipline was confiscated.

Mingguang City Guan Dian Zhen Xiao Wei Cunyuan Party branch secretary and village committee director Dou Yeping taking financial compensation funds. Dou Yeping used his position to facilitate the payment of compensation funds in land replacement process, by falsifying or more reported taking project funds 216 thousand and 800 yuan, 171 thousand and 700 yuan of personal possession. Dou Yeping was expelled from the party, discipline and income confiscated, were transferred to judicial organs. The total

of Wuwei County Mycoplasma Nicha town king village Party Secretary Cheng Rongjun, former director of the village committee Tang first and accepting illegal cash problems. Cheng Rongjun used his office alone or together with the soup first and two times received the contract green construction unit managers a total of 80 thousand yuan in cash, for the benefit of the. 2 per capita has been expelled from the party, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility. Double fan, former Secretary of the village Party branch, village of

County in Yuexi Baimao town director Jiang Zhongde cheat guaranteeing health insurance subsidies payments and other issues. Jiang Zhongde secretly use the other subsistence quota, violations will be declared as relatives of low income households, to defraud guaranteeing payment and ill Medicaid payments totaling 8358.5 yuan; the declaration for the disabled relatives, reimbursement of medical expenses 1900 yuan. In dealing with the masses in the affairs of charge 820 yuan worth of alcohol gift; use his influence to sell insurance, profit 3000 yuan. Jiang Zhongde was withdrawn from the party disciplinary punishment, discipline was confiscated. Hefei city

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2 cigarettes +300 yuan! 5 village flies greed case