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[observer network compiler] from the start of the campaign now, President Trump urged Americans to view differences completely unmasked in political and economic and social issues, and even sparked violent protests. Now, Trump has even led to the split of American view of history. February 6th, the United States, Washington Post, published an article in February 6th, said Trump is making the United States on the history of the views of the split.

whether in social media or on the radio talk show, in the classroom or at the table, the history of the United States is becoming an unavoidable topic. Americans are using one of the most important moments in the history of the United States to support or oppose Trump's executive order.

Andrew Jackson (the seventh president of the United States, 1928-1836; one of the founder of the Democratic Party) and Huey Long (governor Luis Anna S 1028-1932, project planning and implementation of public education reform, but the way to control the state government to indulge in arbitrary decisions and peremptory actions) in the face book (Facebook) on the resurrection. On twitter, netizens are using 140 words to recall those important historical moment: 1939 from Nazi Germany Jewish refugees fled to Miami in 1973; President Nixon will step down the "watergate".

Andrew Jackson

" Huey Lang

Trump can let us great again is still a problem, but he did change people's interest in history. For a long time, the Americans have the impression that the history of the United States is about Wilson president (to lead the United States to participate in a war and victory), Lincoln (president of the American Civil War victory made the reunification of the United States) and Susan Anthony (the most important American women's rights activist); and now, people talk about more is the import tax, the American Revolution during World War II, the Japanese American War Camp (after the Pearl Harbor incident, the U.S. government will all Japanese in the United States as a Japanese spy suspect, for their "resettlement").

"I have never seen so many people refer to the example in the history of the Princeton University history professor David Bill said," everyone seems to have a lot of historical facts.

that year, after the election of President Obama has aroused public reflection on the history of slavery in the United States, when the election of Hilary, we discuss the history of women's rights. Historians have found that Trump's election, so that history has become a different opinion offensive and defensive rhetoric tools.

"for many people, history is really explosive. "Harvard University historian Jill Lepl said," people are trying to give meaning to any history of all the minor details. "

"during World War II, the United States set up the Japanese resettlement point (cAMP)

on the Internet, the history of the past several centuries together in a child. In a speech last week, Douglas referred to Mr Frederick Douglas, the leader of the American abolitionist movement in nineteenth Century, and was ranked in the face book search list (see article). In the hot search list, ranked before and after Douglas were "Cheesecake Factory" (American restaurant name) and Johnson amendment (effective 1954, include provisions for church, tax exempt groups will lose some activities in tax exempt status). Trump vowed to "destroy" the amendment.

people's history is not limited to American history. An article on Breitbart, a conservative website last week, said: "why is SaintThomas Aqquinas against open borders? "(SaintThomas Aqquinas is the medieval scholasticism philosophers and theologians, he introduced the rational theology," natural law "to demonstrate that the" sacred monarchical power ").

people even talked about Hitler. Last week, a Norway student said on twitter that the Nazi dictator had been discussed in class. "I guess there will be a discussion of Trump in class. "He said in twitter. 20 minutes later, he tweeted, "look, let's get started. "

actually, Americans don't learn much about history. A study has shown that Americans remember more clearly than historical events.

last month, a man named Eric in Ohio released a video on the social networking site against Mr Trump's import tariffs. Eric is interested in economics and history. "I have three books on the subject, so I'm really angry when people talk about it. "A few days after the Trump administration took office,

announced that it would increase tariffs. Eric analysis from the angle of history duty is to make the slide into war. He was puzzled by this, and he asked those who supported the tariff increase. The netizens said they supported Trump because he did so during the war of independence.

"no"! We didn't do that! Eric said, "who told you that? Have you returned the American history to the teacher? "

no matter who is right or wrong, Eric's example proves that Trump's supporters and opponents are using historical facts to attack each other.

Jill Lepl, a historian at Harvard University, said, "in most cases, people

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