The domestic documentary to fire! Beauty makes you want to blink

Beauty documentary domestic Urumqi

xiandaikuaibaoweixin· 2017-02-09 06:59:21

If you mention

documentary, can only think of BBC, it really need to make up classes.

we had many domestic documentary boutique, before the explosion of "I repair cultural relics" in the Imperial Palace, after the "aerial Chinese".

recently, this CCTV launched large-scale documentary series "aerial China" (first quarter), an on-line circle of countless fans. Friends said, "free screenshots are super HD no watermark beautiful wallpaper, beautiful people reluctant to blink, minutes to my knees to sing the National Anthem … …"

said, the first to a video preview &darr film; ↓ 1 minutes, enough to make you love this movie!

"" is a China aerial aerial view overlooking the China, all-round, three-dimensional display of historical changes Chinese cultural landscape, natural geographical features and the development of economic and social documentary.

a total of 34 sets, each set of 50 minutes, covering the country's 23 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and municipalities in the city of and the 2 Special Administrative regions. Each set of

selected provinces in the most representative and ornamental history, humanities, natural and modern landscape, the flight line for clues to the story of the narrative way to show an audience of both familiar and fresh Chinese.

no matter whether you come from the motherland all over the country, in the film perhaps you can find the shadow of hometown.

, however, it has yet to bring you fresh feeling through aerial view, you will enjoy a home style, familiar, and full range of the aesthetic feeling.

Lunar New Year's Day (January 28th) at 20:00 premiere, "aerial" China now watercress score has been rushed to the 9.2 points, in the same type of documentary in the zodiac when a high level.

" any interception of any frame picture are outrageous.

northwest of the Tianshan Tianchi ↓


in Central Qinling Mountains ↓

Hainan Dazhou island ↓

from south to north, from east to west," China "aerial each episode tells a different area of the natural landscape and historical and cultural background. The first season of

include topography, climate and natural environment vary among the 4 provincial administrative region — — Hainan, Shaanxi, Xinjiang and Heilongjiang, taking into account the geographical features in the four corners of the world.

buddies have sent the message read, "said too beautiful!

also has a light echo: not at all so fast reading! The sea

victory Tiejun: so beautiful my motherland!

Vania_ Rui: in particular the United States, is looking forward to the second quarter, as soon as possible to take my hometown ~

force: Super immortal sheep! Before the new year accompany CCTV9!!!

Sessai essay: this documentary I just watched a few minutes to love. Very wonderful, let us see the magnificent mountains and rivers of the motherland!

Tianhe Red Devil: as early as two days to see the set of Hainan, the United States and the United States turned over the ~

violetree: the United States fried, while watching and crying! The

is placed in a foreign video site on the Youtube "China" also ring for aerial foreign fans, hits on Youtube, each

buddies comments also overwhelmingly applauded!

Bill William: great video about China's past and present!

Rafael Petines II: beautiful place, excellent flight, excellent visual experience, what a great movie!

samson Weng: a long history, beautiful place. Bar!

appears behind such a stunning scene, a Swiss team.

it is reported that this season's filming lasted a year, all are completed by the aerial shot. The entire shooting took advantage of 16 manned helicopters, 57 unmanned aerial vehicles, the head office of nearly 150 thousand kilometers, the equivalent of the equator around the circle of 4, has accumulated a lot of precious 4K aerial image.

" according to, at present, this film can be regarded as China's pure aerial one of the best works, China is the largest amount of investment in a single set of aerial documentary.

is not already eager to see it? Xiaobian you spoilers me!



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