Later, you may not be able to buy these brands of toothpaste

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for many "80", "90", black Mei toothpaste once carries the memory of a generation. "Hey, girl" this slogan, once let the black Mei toothpaste popular on both sides of the Changjiang River. Until 1996, Amy, and the both sides of the needle the three domestic brands were occupying the eastern, southern and western market, forming a situation of tripartite confrontation pattern. The last century, has created a new black Mei toothpaste sales of 600 million yuan of the achievement in the peak period. But now the black Mei toothpaste seemed to be fading in people's field of vision. There are media reports, Beijing many supermarkets have begun to stop the black Mei toothpaste sales.

became a supermarket "abandoned"

"black Mei toothpaste did not sell well, the beginning of this year, the supermarket is not available. "In Beijing Wumart supermarket Fangzhuang shop, a clerk told reporters while finishing shelves, now buy a high amount of brand in Yunnan Baiyao, salt and cold acid Ling toothpaste, toothpaste and Amy since last year has been in the supermarket monthly sales of the worst position," the first half will not sell two or three this year, "the supermarket closed the purchase.

yesterday, the reporter visited several supermarkets found that, although the black Mei toothpaste is still in sales, but not with China, Colgate, Yunnan Baiyao, most brands of toothpaste placed on the same side of the shelf, but on the toothbrush products accounted for a small area near the container. From the price point of view, black Mei toothpaste can be used "low" to describe: in many domestic toothpaste price against in 12 yuan of above, the black Mei toothpaste price range at 3.9-12.5 yuan. Tmall supermarket sales of black Mei toothpaste is only 3 of total sales, a single product from 13-8120 range. The same with the Chinese herbal toothpaste for main brands: Yunnan Baiyao, bamboo salt and other brands of a single product sales is hundreds of thousands to millions of pieces.

to enter the hotel industry to save the performance of

in fact, in the traditional channel difficult to open up the situation and the competition is increasingly intensified in the background, black Mei toothpaste began leveraging the tourist hotel industry breakthrough. According to our official website, "Amy hotel tourism products has been firmly occupy the first brand Chinese hotel tourist goods status, more than four star hotel commonly used our toiletries, our hotel tourism products annual sales is more than 500 million, and exported to Hongkong, Macao and Southeast Asia China".

, however, whether the hotel toothpaste business can bring long-term gains or unknown. Insiders told reporters that the hotel's "five small" products is very meager profits, in addition, the toothpaste products sold to the hotel channel, will give people a relatively cheap feeling, it is difficult to establish the brand loyalty among consumers.

CNR financial observers Tao Yueqing believes that although sales of large hotel, but the hotel profit is very low, because the hotel to control this part of the cost, do not spend too much money on it, this part does not support the sales performance of the company. So, really into the super business, into the ranks of the brand, in order to become a support product, to maintain the company's operations.

can be seen in the black Mei toothpaste parent, Masson group's official website, the company has to enter the medicine, building materials, logistics industry, development of information technology business; then decline gradually, and the development of Scandinavia International Plaza, the production of food emulsifier and other products, the investment of small loan companies. More flowering, Masson group under the old Japanese brands such as white powder, white lotus dew and other products, is also gradually fade out of the market.

expert: diversification or trap

into a diversified circle not only the black Mei toothpaste, toothpaste nitidine once popular is also diversified drag. After the two sides listed on the financing of listed companies have dabbled in paper, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, real estate and other fields, but the two sides listed on the main business for third years began to lose. At the beginning of this year, both sides of the needle "released 2016 annual results announcement said the company" Yu Ying, is expected to achieve a net profit of about 22 million yuan to 26 million yuan. But a closer look, it is because the two sides sold the hands of the stock barely profitable. Analysis of

industry insiders, ten consecutive losses, nitidine fuzzy positioning itself is also a very important reason. "Advertising language is' mouth good teeth, two needles', which is a bit vague, general concept. Are you cleaning solution, moth? Or defense gum bleeding and allergies? Did not give consumers a clear reason to buy. The same is Chinese medicine ingredients of toothpaste, Yunnan Baiyao will give consumers a very simple and clear reason, is the defense of gingival bleeding. Sales from 0 yuan to 3 billion yuan, now only second to Colgate.

CNR financial observers Tao Yueqing believes that, for some companies, diversification is not a double-edged sword, not as a trap. The diversification of means to make money, talent, market, brand promotion to set up, do not put the egg in one basket, think there are more development in the context of a main business, is a large enterprise group. But it turns out that when you put all the capital, capital, talent are scattered, it may be silent faster. A

data show that ten years ago, black, Crest, Colgate, Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste and Chinese toothpaste Chinese occupy more than 68% market share. Now, the Chinese Association of oral cleaning care products

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Later, you may not be able to buy these brands of toothpaste

Later, you may not be able to buy these brands of toothpaste

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