Fu silver high-speed bus rollover accident has caused 3 dead 5 injured

High speed passenger car accident Quanzhou

quanzhoutong· 2017-02-09 06:59:46

this morning, 1007 riders received Mr. Wang said, Sanming G70 Fu silver high-speed suspected accident jammed, queuing car for one or two kilometers. According to the driver in front of his friends, they have blocked more than 2 hours.

" Sanming according to the high-speed traffic police official said, today at 1:55 in the morning, a license plate number for the large ordinary passenger Yu CF5179, in the B 278KM section of Fu silver high-speed (Fujian province Sanming City Jiangle County) collision protection after car, car the driver with a total of 54 people, of which 2 people were killed and 5 injured no danger. Jiangle hospital has treated 18 wounded (a critical 1, other minor injuries), Taining Hospital of the wounded 11 (minor), the remaining no harm. The scene is still in the process, the scene can be a slow lane traffic.

" at 10:50 this morning, the reporter learned that the latest news:

bus accident death toll has risen to 3 people, this is a Henan Luoyang bus bound for Quanzhou, after rollover crash barrier. The dead were from Henan, two women and one man. Two women were born for 68 years and 92 years, the man was more than and 50 years old, identity documents have not been found, can not determine the identity. The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

" Sanming high-speed traffic police: this morning, the Jiangxi blessing silver high-speed passage to Fuzhou direction, at a distance of about 6 km of the service area, location, traffic accident, the road there is temporary traffic control. That past riders bypass, from Jiangxi to Fuzhou Sanming direction from the Wan An, Jiangle mouth again.

" Sanming Jiangle County public security fire brigade alarm, two fire trucks were deployed 15 officers to the rescue. At 2:34 PM, Jiangle brigade rescue forces arrived at the scene. after nearly an hour of intense rescue scene, 4 trapped people were rescued.

fire is to rescue trapped people

in Sanming rescue according to high-speed traffic police in our province, the high-speed traffic police department banned large passenger vehicles 2:00 to five points on the highway, the accident occurred at about 1:55 in the morning, the distance is near the service area will be. The

, a vehicle accident belongs to Luoyang Transportation Group Co. Ltd., the core set of 55 people, carrying 54 people, there is no overload. According to the bus driver, when he was in the service area to prepare rest stop on the way, did not think the accident happened. driver is not injured, has been controlled.

cause of the accident is still under investigation.

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Fu silver high-speed bus rollover accident has caused 3 dead 5 injured