China Southern airline stewardess: to resign after 90 female anchor earning one hundred thousand

Anchor airline stewardess security staff earning.

diyicaijingribao· 2017-02-09 08:04:13

now, the network anchor has become a new career, widely sought after by young people. In front of the phone, the computer can work, make money. 90 in the virtual world of network, and after 00 new army has displayed a new platform of social self, their unique style, attracted a large audience praise attention. She is Heilongjiang Daqing girl, born 92 years girl "Yuri Huang" (net) is a popular female anchor, served Chinese Southern Airlines Heilongjiang branch steward. According to statistics, Yuri Huang is the clothing began to be broadcast live in 2017 January, and peers, high color value plus funny style, to begin to live for 33 days, has accumulated 18 thousand fans, according to the virtual currency exchange show after income of up to 100 thousand and 500 yuan, quickly became the gas anchor, a live often there will be more than 20 thousand people watch online.

in high school when she dreamed of being a nurse to help others. When the University, just know when nurses are unrealistic, determined to be a stewardess.

is this, after graduating from high school, Yuri Huang was admitted to the Jiangxi Nanchang Aviation University, the airline company internship, she worked hard, steadfast, diligent, she applied for a large domestic airlines, the interview, the mother also dedicated to Guangzhou to accompany her. She was from the time of the tens of thousands of people, after the written examination and interview, become the domestic large airlines Heilongjiang branch of a stewardess.

stable work, nearly ten thousand yuan a month income. In the capital city of Harbin, there is a decent job, looking for a boyfriend, buy a house, buy a car, from now on, this is the life.

next, Yuri Huang's job is to fly in the sky, resting in the dormitory to sleep, these two lines occupy her life. Seemingly glamorous work, life is behind the single circle, no time to talk about the objects in contact with the work in addition to male passengers, is the safety officer and pilot, the pilot has marry and settle down.

has been so single, anxious family, she also worried. Although every day with a smile to work, in fact, only she knows, this kind of smile is the work needs of the system, and no self. Here, Yuri Huang put his clothes in the huge figure nest sofa, fingers kept strumming her black hair, she may be in the memories of that period of time people and things. Now, those who have been away from her.

clothing Yuri Huang said, surrounded by friends to play live, out of curiosity, but also took a friend's phone rub about, with friends, fans interact, and sometimes help her friends and her fans singing. So holding the attitude of play, in the occasional attempt, never had this experience, she began to register as a network anchor.

registered in January this year, Yuri Huang only a dozen fans, including a few of her friends. After 33 days of hard work, her fans have slowly increased by now more than 1.8 people, the income of up to 33 days of up to 100 thousand and 500.

in order to better interact with the user, clothing Yuri Huang specializes in the home decoration of a small studio, a microphone, a scene, there is atmosphere. Her working hours are basically from 10 to 12 in the morning, followed by an hour or so to interact with friends.

for ordinary people, into the network broadcast industry threshold is indeed very low, only need a computer and an account can be broadcast live, and the use of mobile phone software, it is able to achieve broadcast whenever and wherever possible.

, according to industry insiders revealed that fans cash in exchange for a virtual currency, and then you can buy a gift to enjoy the likes of the anchor. After receiving the virtual currency network platform, the anchor is 70%, the task reward of 15%, the rest of the platform for all. "

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