Spring Festival property market three or four days: a second line cooling heating

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Spring Festival warm air child has not completely dispersed, much of the property China but cool. Photo by Zhang Bin

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reporters in Beijing as an example, according to Albert I love my family group Market Research Institute of statistics, January 2017, Beijing new commodity housing (excluding low-income housing) net signed 2999 sets, down 36.8% compared with December 2016, compared in January last year fell 32.8%.

in addition to Beijing, the situation is still deserted deal in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities staged. Data show that during the Spring Festival, a second tier cities in major cities have significantly reduced the volume of visits, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, a significant decline in traffic.

chicken year Spring Festival at the end of January this year. Industry analysts believe that the policy tightening since October 2016 and the Spring Festival factors superimposed, resulting in many Chinese property market in January suffered cooling.

at the same time, with a second tier cities during the Spring Festival "sleep" in the real estate market in contrast, a number of three or four lines of the property market has emerged.

three or four line property market ushered in a small climax of returning home

will live off daily visits during the Spring Festival this year, before the same mean comparison showed that different from the first-tier cities deserted the property market situation, the city more than three lines in the market during the Spring Festival visits bujianfanzeng. The increase in the number of visits to the top five cities are the city of Huanggang, which, Hubei's visit increased by 122%; Guangdong rose by; Anhui rose by 99%; Anhui,, rose by on, and in the same time, the number of visitors increased by about. Other cities include Guang'an, Lu'an, Jieyang, Suining, and so on.

a year, in the end is returning home or to work in first-tier cities, as many struggling young people pondering the problem. In 2016, a second tier city housing prices rose sharply, with the restriction, limited credit and other barriers, let the "floaters" at a loss, more and more people choose to "escape" or "detour" of a second tier hot city. In addition, in recent years, Guangzhou Shenzhen and other cities in the fierce competition in the industry and other factors, so that home buyers not only become a trend of thought, more people have put into action.

in this case, each year during the Spring Festival, on returning home crowd to become one of many three or four lines of the property market highlights. Some sales offices in the three or four line of the city during the spring festival marketing efforts as much as the real estate industry recognized the "golden nine silver ten" sales season. Data show that after the new year's Eve, the two or three line of the city's visit was significantly earlier than the first tier cities, the growth rate is higher.

a second line of fire, three lines of the city is becoming the protagonist

in addition to a second tier cities crowding out, the development of urbanization also provides a long-term policy dividend for the three or four tier cities. The development of three or four tier cities is one of the focal points of China's economic development in the future, under the support of national policy, the attractiveness of the three or four tier cities will be greater and greater.

according to the market institutions, home buyers demand survey results, now living in the first line as well as three or four lines of the city's population for the housing of the three cities have a strong desire to buy. College students and just graduated from the crowd is the main crowd to return home, 45 years of age in the crowd to promote the needs of the elderly investment is also another group of people returning home.

home buyers and returning home buyers also showed a certain geographical regularity. Statistics show that in Beijing the work of returning home crowd, from Baoding, Tianjin, Langfang, Shijiazhuang, Tianjin City Group Beijing home buyers will most strongly; working in Shanghai, returning home crowd, Suzhou, Nantong, Yancheng, Hangzhou city Jiangsu Zhejiang native people purchase willingness. Working in Guangzhou, returning home crowd, home buyers will most strongly in the Shantou, Zhanjiang, Jieyang, Foshan province. First tier cities, the proportion of people returning home to work in Shanghai higher.

comprehensive view, home buyers boost the crowd during the Spring Festival three or four cities back to the property market. Insiders pointed out that, although still facing inventory problems, but this year the three or four line of the property market has now signs of warmer. From the market performance, the three or four cities last year, has improved, at the bottom of the recovery process of speed.

Yan Yuejin said the three or four line of urban policy easing. By the impact of a second tier cities policy regulation, as well as their own price advantage, some three or four lines of the recent rapid pace of the overall purchase of the city.

at the end of last year, the central economic work conference also made clear the three or four cities to boost the property market oriented. The meeting said, to adhere to the classification regulation, due to the city due to the implementation of policies, focusing on solving the problem of three or four lines of urban real estate inventory too much. It is necessary to inventory and promote urbanization together, improve the interoperability of the three or four line of the city and large inter city infrastructure, improve the three or four line of the city education, health care and other public service levels, enhance the attractiveness of the agricultural population transfer.

home buyers need to pay attention to what risks to avoid the Central Plains real estate chief analyst Zhang Dawei believes that home buyers and home buyers in the region often live is not the same, need to be more wary of places. First of all, generally returning home are accustomed to acquaintances to help, in fact, this is also a great risk, the relationship must choose reliable; secondly, the general line of three or four City real estate market is not standardized, many people still hold the view of returning home in a second tier city habit,

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