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Millet millet phone Muji hunger and thirst

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" the heart of rock

a great company should accommodate criticism and advice from others, its strategy and products should be able to withstand scrutiny. If someone else's scrutiny as malicious slander, which is a manifestation of self-confidence.

millet is a star of the company, the so-called wind star is in front, so the study discussed the topic of millet, millet not less. I wrote "millet mobile phone fell out of the top five eat bitter" to explain the excessive diversification, millet mobile phone sales in 2016 fell out of the top five, the reasons for the decline of nearly 40%.

I attributed the reason to: excessive diversification. The article in the major platform release, attracted a large number of reader comments, which talk about the most is "out of stock" and "hunger marketing" and "good quality" and "monkey", of course there are some readers think millet would shift to grocery store, mobile phone has just one of the grocery goods, so he did not care about the mobile phone sales decline.

Lei Jun speech in 2016 year-end summary of the meeting, millet company will do five major strategies: Black technology, new retail, international business, artificial intelligence, Internet banking, so that the overall revenue exceeded 100 billion yuan.


we first want to make sure that the company's positive contribution to the entire Internet, mobile phone manufacturing. As Lei Jun said: "millet since the company eliminated the copycat machine, activate the entire mobile phone industry to enhance the quality, but also provide a series of world-class products, completely changed the face of many industries.

first, millet companies to return to the enterprise marketing value chain. Millet company's marketing methodology is a tribute to Philip · Kotler. Because millet let marketing really become a part of the growth of enterprise value, so that the marketing team is no longer the product R & D, "waiter", let the marketing team return to the enterprise, rather than outsourcing to other intermediary companies (PR, consulting), realizes the whole enterprise value chain closed loop.

millet company has also opened up the enterprise since the media age, so that more enterprises to learn this method, the realization of the enterprise from the media personality.

second, millet company to enhance the level of production of the entire industry PPT. Once, most will make PPT, held a press conference is the United States Apple Corp. The birth of millet, the laurel won easily. Millet opened the conference highlights the climax of the technology, improve the industry's PPT production technology standards. Even the birth of a PPT on the survival of start-up companies, for example, the Ranger electric vehicles.

three, millet company opened a new model of hunger marketing. After the first paragraph of goods, zero inventory, which was the dream of all manufacturing companies. Inventory means the use of funds, means the risk. The millet through hunger marketing model to low-cost pre-sale, waiting for the formal delivery of parts after the price, thereby reducing the occupation of funds, to achieve a zero inventory, the greatest degree of cost savings.

this also led to all mobile phone manufacturers to follow suit, the new phone as long as the release of the need to grab, and this also makes a hot situation.

fourth, millet company opened into the Internet, intelligent Home Furnishing, young people's quality of life from a new model of mobile phone. To drive mobile phone, millet advantage of Internet Co in the software, games, cloud storage, media and financial aspects, not only by the hardware sales profit, also profit from advertising, cloud storage, finance.

of course, the loss caused by the diversification of millet company is unable to concentrate all the firepower to do a good job of mobile phones, resulting in a sharp decline in Millet mobile phone sales. In addition has been the pursuit of cheap snatch users, resulting in the replacement of mobile phone market demand trend in the high-end market, millet delivered to HUAWEI, OPPO, ViVO, apple.


for the diversification of the company's right and wrong millet, I once again seriously thinking. If you stand on the point of view is perhaps Lei Jun fully justified. If only the production of mobile phone

, millet may face competition will be greater, because the millet is a good software, in the absence of hardware capabilities, hardware technology patents, factory production conditions, millet mobile phone with apple, Samsung and HUAWEI to fight. And these short board is not to be able to fill up.

in a wider range of intelligent hardware market, digital peripheral market, and even the luggage market, living appliances market, there seems to be no strong opponent. The capital, brand, sales platform millet, by investing in start-ups, using their own resources to enter these markets to spend money to mobile phone, TV, meet the pressure of competition, many are small.

" and 2015 Lei Jun Millet's vision to locate "let everyone enjoy the fun of science and technology, science and technology is not limited to the fun of mobile phone. Then

Lei Jun also put forward the concept of "new Chinese", hope millet can more commodity production beyond the mobile phone, it caters to a future 400 million new middle class, and the tide of this wave of consumption upgrading. The phrase "standing on the air, pigs can fly" is famous for millet company motto, the upgrading of consumption of the air, Lei want to take off again.

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