Secret Ma's car ambitions: all to engage!

Ma Yun ambition buy a car move

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BAT | Xiao Han of the auto industry's coveted well known, but the pattern is different.

filed Ali layout in the field of travel and car, you may think of its launch together with SAIC global "the first Internet car Roewe RX5, generous investment drops, wholly acquired high moral map and other events, but this is only for the future layout of the automobile and travel industry in a corner of the real, Ma is to make auto industry ambitions of Android systems, to build a car, car, car covers, car and all other car service O2O platform, namely contracting all your car related business!

BAT is a huge difference between the focus on automobile layout and travel field, Baidu focused on automatic driving and car networking, Tencent focused on the market to invest in new energy vehicles and cars, while Ali is focused on the establishment of the vehicle and vehicle service O2O system. This is the second one thing "car and travel wisdom layout" secret BAT series, mainly for the panoramic picture of your car and layout Ali in the field of travel, before a Tencent in the field layout, please refer to the "secret Tencent and travel layout layout of the automobile market value of 2 trillion can be capricious play! "

not vehicle first to seize the car in the control screen

2016 July 6th Hangzhou Jiaoyangsihuo, but not far from the headquarters of the Alibaba yunqi town was crowded.

in the minutes before the meeting, the two floor of the Town Convention and Exhibition Center sounded a long and warm applause, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba and chairman of the board of directors of Chen Hong. In the next few hours, official Ali and SAIC respectively on stage, tells the story of Ali YunOS operating system called RX5 Roewe SUV and drove to the participants.

pictured with Ma and Chen Hong listed in the RX5 conference site

annual domestic new car market up to hundreds of models, but also can make the nation's largest electricity supplier company and the largest auto group leader of both the platform and the only RX5 this car. Because it seems that Ali and SAIC, which is the world's first Internet car. According to the data released by the SAIC, Roewe RX5 in January 2017 sales of 20008, fourth consecutive months sales break 20 thousand (in the industry, monthly sales exceeded 10 thousand units, and even selling) 70% is equipped with YunOS RX5 Internet edition.

put aside the mechanical part of the car does not talk about, RX5 and the Internet is the biggest correlation is equipped with its car version of the YunOS operating system.

YunOS operating system in 2010, officially launched in 2011, the latest version of the YunOS 5. Open source Linux development based on YunOS operating system, can be run after the launch of Android applications, once because of the subtle relationship between ecological and Android, has not made much achievement in the mobile phone, tablet, it attracted a lot of questions, after Ali began to apply the category YunOS to expand and transfer, automobile, television, smart Home Furnishing products is big the direction, bypassing the defeat of the mobile phone, tablet market.

, a former YunOS developer who had almost said, if there is no rewrite Dalvik (virtual machine), YunOS Android changes and no more than Flyme and MIUI these. "

pictured with the difference between YunOS and Android systems, pictures from the network

for the automotive industry, vehicle operating system has been a long-standing problem, even the price of hundreds of millions of cars, the navigation and entertainment applications use experience is also far behind the intelligent mobile phone. In order to solve this problem, apple, Google and Baidu respectively launch vehicle system solutions Carplay, Auto, Carlife and Android, but these programs are based on the application of mobile phone screen shots, and is equipped with independent control operating system on the big screen in the car and.

Ali hopes to solve the problem with the YunOS operating system.

2014 July, Ali and SAIC signed a strategic cooperation agreement, said it would jointly build the Internet car. The following March, each invested 500 million yuan, the establishment of Internet automotive industry fund, and set up a joint venture company zebra car for car YunOS operating system, the SAIC vehicle manufacturers to develop customized.

vehicle YunOS system: simple and easy to use but the vehicle operating system function is very limited compared with traditional

, the Roewe RX5 car YunOS system more simple and easy to use.

first, because the map is the most basic needs of traffic, so RX5 will map into the desktop system rather than an application that allows users to keep track of geographic information in the operation of other functions. In addition, YunOS is equipped with high precision in positioning map, Shanghai big city like precision or even accurate to the lane, and the map will be based on the different vehicle speed automatic zoom (such as high speed display overview, display the exact content at low speed).

then, because of the safety problem of the operating system in the car, the car YunOS Ali will be the main interface made three cards to display information, communication, music, vehicle settings and other functions at a glance, and also equipped with voice control

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