The child was bullied, the parents call back or swallow?

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children in the group are often bullied or bullied, is a headache for parents to do things. The children often play, parents will be very distressed, sometimes hard to tell the children: "if he hit you, you hit him!" the boy often hit, parents will feel ashamed, no face, sometimes even on the spot will suddenly and violently beat their children. The processing method is appropriate, how should we correctly help children solve problems?

whether adults or children, being bullied, are not convinced, to come up with a foul smells. But most of the time, they hit the place, injured or their own children.

is the parent child vulnerable too harsh or too spoiled

some parents are always in a tough way to communicate with children, to suppress him, he used a strong back, to see someone, he would retreat. Or is the home always indulge him, he had a cry or a trouble there, but I want to go out in this way for others, people do not buy his account. Well, at this point, he doesn't know what to do.

it's wrong to let the kids fight back or not.

in fact, the child was beaten, the need is not to fight back or do not hit back, parents should give their children a solution to the problem, they need is not the answer. Children will eventually grow up, can not always live under your wings.

when the children were playing, you can ask the questions: what do you think of

? Let the child do you intend to release

? Let the children think

you want to let my parents do to help you? Let the children know that mom and dad will always support you.

at the same time, but also to remind parents to teach children to face the problem rationally, do not go through the brain. Avoid impulsive behavior and avoid hurting yourself.

child was bullied, parents how to deal with?

1, let the children know the scope of rights

their most important speaking parents is to guide children understand their jurisdiction, they do not go beyond the limit. Children are constantly learning to divide each other's power in conflict, or to get along well with each other. Under the premise of not knowing their own rights, they will often be violated by each other. On the other hand, because he does not know the scope of authority, may be in violation of the unconscious does not know the other side, so the scope of authority is the first child to learn.

2, to teach children to "fight back" approach, but poor operability

when there are other unreasonable behaviors of children again and again in the three invasion, "call back" can be regarded as a good way, but the possibility was often bullied children to do so because he is very small. Did not dare to invade each other, will only be played or severe anger after the fight back each other one or two. Hit back while shouting to deter the other side of the shock, it will cause concern around. If the conflict is very serious, I do not object to teach children to push back the other side, if it is difficult to play. The last strategy is really no way under the premise that children need to protect themselves, can leave.

3, after being bullied, parents should help his emotions out

when children are bullied, parents should help his emotions say, or long-term potential information will influence the children, one day more important events related to this, children is a big one-time outbreak outbreak the damage will be great.

4, standing on a child's point of

feel empathy was hit after the child's mood and feelings, and actively respond when you hear his emotional feelings, after the child was hit, don't rush for a child to make any decision, may wish to calm down and listen to the children how to think.

5", let the children solve the

child is not being bullied by children, to what they say. Originally the child did not feel bullied, parents feel that the child will feel he was bullied. A lot of anchor between children, children do not understand the use of language negotiations, social skills caused by imperfect, not intentional.

there is little intentional bullying among children, and real bullying exists in primary and secondary schools. Children between things should be resolved by the children themselves, parents involved is not good for the growth of children, and the children are very difficult to solve problems but not convinced. Children should be brave, confident, learn to express their emotions and ideas, so as not to be bullied.

6, and their children to explore the solution

in the children say their own ideas, you can explore the next solution with the child. What's the matter with my dear son, tell mom, is my baby so angry?... Feeling wronged? What do you want to do now? What do you need your mother to do? "

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